Mystery Of How Adele Gets To Stage Revealed: She Is Wheeled Past Fans In A Box

Adele is wheeled in a box to the stage

The mystery of how Adele appears on the stage each night during her 2017 Australian tour although there is no underground access to the stage set up in the middle of the stadium has apparently been solved.

Adele has performed during her Australian tour on a stage in the middle of the stadium. To reach the stage, she must first pass through thousands of excited fans because there is no underground tunnel to get her to the stage in the center of the sports stadium.

In order to reach the stage in the middle of the stadium without being swamped, the 28-year-old star and her staff came up with a novel solution where she is wheeled through the crowd, past thousands of unsuspecting fans, hidden inside a small box flanked by her security team, a source revealed, according to the Sun.

The superstar travels to the stage seated uncomfortably in a small black box with only an iPad to keep her entertained because she wants to avoid being swamped and mobbed by fans. She quickly becomes “drenched in sweat” during the minutes she spends inside the box, according to the Sun.

Some fans had figured out the trick after Adele hinted during a recent performance in Brisbane about the low-tech solution she and her tour aides came up with.

“How I get to this stage makes me so sweaty, I’m drenched,” she said, according to the Australian News. “I can’t tell you til the end — you’ll laugh when you find out.”

“Adele sits in the box for several minutes as she is taken from her dressing room right to the center of the crowd,” a source reportedly revealed. “Most of her fans are already seated and just assume it’s a piece of kit they are moving but some have been told by staff at venues that it’s actually their idol and a woman worth $137 million sitting in a pretty small box a few feet from them.”

“Most of her fans… just assume it’s a piece of kit they are moving but… it’s actually their idol… sitting in a pretty small box a few feet from them.”

But according to the source, some fans had guessed when they noticed Adele’s personal security detail Peter Van Der Deer who never leaves Adele’s side accompanying the box during its journey through the stadium to the center where the stage is set up.

“A few have worked it out as her personal security Peter Van Der Deer — who is never away from her side — accompanies the box during its journey,” the source said.

“Then her team flank it as it reaches the stage and shield her from view as she climbs out and goes to wait underneath the stage for the start,” the source continued.

“Fans have been told she has an iPad in there to keep her entertained but it is a very sweaty and unglamorous part of the show for Adele to get through but she’s down to earth and jokes about it,” the source added.

The revelation comes after Adele entertained more than 190,000 fans in the Australian city of Sydney over two nights in a packed ANZ stadium.

Adele appeared to be surprised to confront what she thought was a subdued and sober Australian crowd,

She reportedly stopped in between songs to comment that she had expected that her fans would be “off their faces” for the show. She suggested to fans that they should get a drink because the show would be better it they weren’t so sober.

“This is my first time to Australia, I know lots of Australians who live over in London,” she said. “And they are all absolute p**sheads,” she told her fans.

“I assumed that when I came over to Australia, you’d all be off your faces the whole time.”

A tragic incident during her performance on Friday night at the ANZ Stadium left her in tears, forcing her to stop the show briefly.

A fan suffered a heart attack.

“Security staff was trying to rouse her because they assumed she fainted,” a witness, Daniel Lowe, told 9 News, according to the Guardian. “It took a full song for the actual on-site medics to respond. They then started performing chest compressions for a good 15 to 20 minutes until ambulance officers arrived with proper equipment.”

Adele stopped her performance after the fan collapsed. She “seemed really tearful” after paramedics rushed the 47-year-old female fan to the hospital.

Lowe said that Adele appeared to be “visibly upset for the rest of the show.”

“She wasn’t as perky and smiley as she was as before,” he added.

“Adele stopped the concert. She actually seemed really tearful.”

Footage uploaded to social media shows the Adele making inquiries after medics arrived to attend to the woman.

“I’m sorry, there’s fireworks in this one and I don’t want to scare them,” she can be heard saying. “Is it ok to carry on? Sorry, someone got hurt. I’m really sorry.”

The woman was rushed to Westmead Hospital where she was confirmed to have suffered a cardiac arrest.

Adele dedicated her subsequent performance of “Take It All” to the fan.

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