Fitness Tips From WWE Wrestlers

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The champion wrestlers of the WWE have some of the most impressive physiques in entertainment. While not everyone can be a wrestling superstar, these tips from the champions can help you build muscle, improve your fitness level, and up your performance at the gym.

John Cena’s Diet Plan

John Cena was only 120 lbs. in high school before hitting the iron. Now he weighs 240 lbs. and is known for his amazing physique. Cena focuses on a muscle building diet plan packed with protein to pack on pounds that translate into raw strength. He’s one of the most popular wrestlers in the history of the WWE.

  • Eat several small meals per day.
  • For breakfast, eat eggs and even more egg whites to stay healthy.
  • Tuna, chicken breasts, and fish are your main go-to meals throughout the day.
  • Snack on protein shakes and protein bars between your larger meals.
John Cena has WWE workout and fitness tips.
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Roman Reigns Stays Motivated By Variety

From “just go to the gym” to “mix up your workout,” Roman Reigns has a ton of tips for the aspiring fitness junkie, and they’re not all intense. Instead, the legacy wrestler seems to prefer integrating workouts into daily life by both making it a routine and making it fun.

“I’m a father. I wanna play with my daughter. If she wants to throw a baseball or softball, I wanna do it with her. I want to be active.”

Don’t neglect your family and spend all your time at the gym–instead, remember why you want this. Having a good body will please your partner and increasing your activity level means you have more energy to work and play. Roman Reigns finishes up his tips with advice about recovery. After pushing yourself hard, it hurts to be cramped up, but time management can limit how long you need to rest for.

“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson Works Out Year-Round

Although he’s left wrestling and is now a Hollywood celebrity, Dwayne Johnson continues to train regularly, six days a week. Even when he isn’t filming a movie or getting ready for a celebrity appearance, Johnson says that working out keeps him grounded and functions as a type of meditation.

“Working out anchors my day. For me, training is my meditation, my yoga, hiking, biking, therapy all rolled into one. I love it.”

For different looks, Johnson has to incorporate different workouts. His vigorous training sessions keep him in peak physical shape and enable him to transition from super bulky looks to that of taut muscle depending on what the role calls for. In your own routine, maintaining consistency and having respect for your body and workout routine would make keeping up with lifelong fitness goals much easier.

The rock dwayne johnson has fitness tips.
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Stone Cold Steve Austin Builds Muscle

Stone Cold Steve Austin works out with a “less is more” approach that allows him to focus on getting big and building muscle. His four-day routine was short and sweet, with low reps, but heavy weight. Lower reps at heavier weights build bigger muscles. For an example workout, Austin might only do six to eight reps in a set, and only five sets at a time. But by pushing himself to the limit each time, he was able to build up massive amounts of muscle.

Know what your goals are and push yourself to the limit to achieve the results you want.

Vince McMahon Focused on His Chest

Don’t just build muscle–know where you want to build it. You can tailor your workout routine to tailor your physique. Vince McMahon is commonly noted for his impressively large chest. He works out at the gym with a routine tailed to his fitness goals, and he never let his age stop him.

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