‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Will The Lie Change Daryl And Carol’s Relationship?

'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Will The Lie Change Daryl And Carol's Relationship?

The Walking Dead airs another new episode tonight on AMC. A lot has happened with the characters since Season 7B began. On a recent episode, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) found Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). He lied to her, but it seems like she will figure out something isn’t quite right. When Carol discovers the truth, will that change her relationship with Daryl? Reedus shared his thoughts on the matter.

TWD spoilers are ahead. If you do not want to know any information about what is coming up, then stop reading.

'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Will The Lie Change Daryl And Carol's Relationship?

Daryl and Carol’s reunion in The Walking Dead was emotional. The two have not seen each other in a while. As viewers recall, Carol Peletier left Alexandria. Even though Morgan (Lennie James) found her, she wanted solitude and didn’t want to deal with people. Now, she is staying in a house outside The Kingdom. When Daryl found her, she asked if everyone in Alexandria was safe. He lied to her and told her everybody was fine.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Norman Reedus explained why Daryl Dixon didn’t tell the truth. At the time, it is what Carol needed to hear. She wasn’t emotionally or psychologically ready to find out what has really been going on. During an episode of Talking Dead, Reedus explained why his character felt he needed to keep the truth from Carol.

“If I tell her otherwise, she is gonna want to fight and that’s the last thing she wants to do. She’s trying to find herself and I realize she needs to hear that. So, I tell her what she needs to hear. I care so much about her, I don’t want her to come fight and get hurt and f**k her up.”

However, it seems that is about to change. A sneak peek of tonight’s episode reveals Carol will be on a mission to speak with Morgan. Marching toward The Kingdom, she slays walkers with street signs from trees without batting an eyelash. Once she is inside the gate, Carol demands to see Morgan and begins asking him questions.

'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Will The Lie Change Daryl And Carol's Relationship?

It isn’t yet known what caused Carol to change and to realize that something is wrong. Did she know Daryl was lying but didn’t confront him for some reason? Did the revelation come after Dixon left? Did something else happen that caused Carol’s brain to flip a switch and get out of her funk? What is important is that it appears that the old Carol might be back. So, what is going to happen when she finds out that Daryl lied to her? Will it change their relationship? Digital Spy had this same question and asked Norman Reedus about the Daryl/Carol storyline.

“I’ve thought about this – I think she’s going to go, ‘Man, I knew you were lying.’ I think she knows him so well, she’s going to say, ‘I just let you lie.'”

A bigger question is how will Carol react when she realizes that Daryl lied to her? Will it change their relationship at all? Could she react with anger or will she understand?

“I don’t think she would hold it against him, I think she would know the reasons he didn’t tell her.”

Daryl and Carol have a bond and a special relationship on The Walking Dead. They seem to understand each other. Reedus is probably right about how Carol will react. She will most likely understand why he lied and the motivations behind it.

What do you think is going to happen when Carol finds out the truth? Will she understand why Daryl Dixon lied? What prompts her to demand the truth from Morgan? Will fans finally see the old Carol again and will she stand up and help fight Negan and the Saviors on The Walking Dead?

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