‘Bones’ Episode 807: ‘The Bod In The Pod’ Recap

In tonight’s episode of Bones, “The Bod in the Pod” the team discovers a skeleton surrounded by goo and encased in some kind of hard shell after a garbage tanker capsized during a hurricane.

After Hodgins and Vaziri get it open with the laser, Hodgins stupidly takes a huge whiff of the goo inside and promptly passes out. Vaziri immediately closes down the lab due to the suspected contaminant and tries to revive Hodgins.

Cam is still being hounded by her daughter’s gynecologist. She ended things with him a while ago but he is persistent, he has even resorted to texting Angela, begging her to ask Cam to speak with him. But Cam has a new man in her life, and it just might be someone we know.

Hodgins is still a little shaky on his feet after the carbon monoxide gases from the remains made him pass out. Interestingly, there appears to be wood shards in the goo. When they pull out the skull they discover the victim’s front teeth were smashed out.

While Hodgins looks at the wood shards we find out Vaziri is an accomplished poet and political exile. His work was considered controversial by the Iranian government and he was forced to leave the country. Sharing his story gives Hodgins a whole new respect for him.

They discover a logo on the wood and link it to a lumber yard. The woman they talk to there, Renee (Roberta Valderrama: 10 Items or Less), was having an affair with the victim, Charles “Lucky” Milner, a crime-scene cleanup technician.

Renee tells Booth and Brennan that Lucky had a wife he called “unstable” and they bring her in for questioning. She denies doing anything to her husband and expresses anger at having to tell her son Davey that he has lost his beloved stepfather.

Sweets catches up with Lucky’s stepson, Davey (Kevin G. Schmidt: The Young and the Restless). He was ready to take over Lucky’s cleanup business but denies having anything to do with Lucky’s murder and points him in the direction of one of their rivals, Melvin Carville (Brad William Henke: Justified, Chicago Code).

Bones Episode 807 The Bod in the Pod

With plenty of suspects to choose from can the Jeffersonian team catch their killer? And how in the world did their victim end up in that pod?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Bones, “The Bod in the Pod”? Did you like learning more about Vaziri and his “sexy” poetry?