‘Suits’ Season 7 Release Date, Spoilers: Creator Teases Changes Next Season

New challenges await Mike Ross and Harvey Specter in the coming Suits Season 7.

When Suits Season 7 release date arrives later this year, fans can reasonably expect exciting surprises and plot twists from the legal drama series. Developments in the recently concluded Suits Season 6 hint of new beginnings and a changing landscape that opens up interesting possibilities where the plot could be heading next season.

Things are definite looking up for Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams, a trend that is expected to continue when Suits Season 7 release date arrives this summer. After living a lie pretending to be a lawyer for six seasons, Suits Season 6 ended in a positive note for Ross.

After being discovered a fraud, Mike can start life all over again, which fits perfectly with the new beginnings theme of the coming Suits Season 7. With the help of Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres)’s surprise testimony, Ross finally got his license last season.

Yes, Mike Ross will be a legit lawyer when Suits Season 7 hits the small screen this summer. And the upgraded title comes with some lifestyle upgrades as well. He now has a bigger paycheck and the independence to take on pro bono cases once in a while, pretty much everything he bargained for.

Creator and showrunner Aaron Korsh teases the challenges facing the main characters in Suits Season 7.

The transition of Patrick J. Adams’ character from being a fake lawyer to the real deal in Suits Season 7 is expected to bring in major changes to the series’ storyline. Ever since the show’s premiere until Suits Season 6, Ross, being a fake lawyer, has been one of the main driving force of the series’ narrative.

“We started the show obviously with the premise that Mike was a fraud, and I feel like over the course of the six years we really wrung as much drama as could possibly be wrung out of it,” Suits creator and showrunner Aaron Korsh told Deadline.

While Korsh admitted that Mike’s character was a big factor driving the story forward, he is confident that over the course of six seasons, Suits managed to introduce a lot of characters whose storylines that do not necessarily connect with Mike’s but are interesting enough for viewers to care about. As the showrunner puts it, six years has produced these “many other legs to stand on.”

One of these characters is Harvey Specter, played by actor Gabriel Macht. Suits Season 7 is expected to introduce some changes to Harvey as he will be gunning for a management partner position in the firm. But he could run into some problems as Harvey has always been some sort of a freestyler in the past.

Harvey’s freedom to act as he pleased was allowable because there was always cool-headed Jessica, who ultimately called the shots in running the firm. But with Harvey in the management partner position in Suits Season 7, Korsh hinted that Harvey’s previous style may lose its charm fast. In fact, Korsh guaranteed some friction to build between Harvey and Louis.

But the tension will not stem from some professional jealousy on Louis’ part. In Suits Season 6, Louis already indicated his acceptance of the idea of Harvey moving up the ranks. The friction could be caused by the way Harvey does things, in the same way that Louis did not always see eye to eye with Jessica’s decisions in the past.

In fact, if Harvey does not change his management style to suit his new position in Suits Season 7, he will quickly run into trouble with the other characters aside from Louis. His professional relationships with Mike, Rachel and Donna could be affected, something that even Harvey cannot afford to let happen.

Meanwhile, the potential Suits spinoff that will center on Jessica Pearson is getting closer to becoming a reality. The spinoff will star Gina Torres, the same actress that played the character in the original series. In fact, it was Torres who pitched the idea of the spinoff to Universal Cable Prods., Deadline reported.

It looks like Korsh will be quite busy in the months ahead. Aside from his work with Suits Season 7, he will also be handling the spinoff as its showrunner and executive producer.

While the trailer declares it will arrive this summer, an exact Suits Season 7 release date is yet to be announced by USA Network. Meanwhile, enjoy the Suits Season 7 promo below.

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