Calvin Harris And Rita Ora Make Up After Bitter Taylor Swift Scandal

Calvin Harris is well known for his music-related feuds with not just one but two of his exes: Taylor Swift and Rita Ora.

It looks like Calvin may have patched up things up with one of his exes at least.

The Sun is reporting that Calvin has finally lifted his ban on Rita performing the song he wrote for her, “I Will Never Let You Down.”

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Harris bitterly instigated the ban back in 2015.

“The former couple’s public bust up turned toxic back in 2015 when Calvin refused to let Rita use any of the material he had collaborated with her on for her album – and in turn banned her from performing their No1 single ‘I Will Never Let You Down.'”

Rita Ora had planned to perform “I Will Never Let You Down” at the Teen Choice Awards that year, and Harris’ ban derailed her plans and inconvenienced many people, including many ticket-holders.

Calvin Harris gave an interview to Ryan Seacrest, who drilled him about the ban, saying, “it looks like she did something to hurt you.”

Calvin Harris refused to make any comments to Seacrest about the matter.

Calvin Harris made his policy of strict silence very clear on Twitter. “You’ll only know one side of the story re Teen Choice Awards because I choose not to talk to the papers about every aspect of my personal life,” the producer wrote.

Rita Ora also gave an interview at the time that Harris imposed the controversial ban.

Rita told Ryan Seacrest to “ask Calvin,” when Seacrest asked her about the Teen Choice Awards song ban.

Rita Ora pulled a flustered face, making her feelings clear. Ora’s body language reveals that she considered the ban excessive, unnecessary and perhaps a little childish.

Now, The Sun is reporting that “the pair recently set aside their differences to clear the air and things are so much better between the pair that Calvin has lifted his music ban.”

“Late last year they got in touch and sorted things out.”

The source reported that it was “a relief” to both of them. Harris and Ora reportedly both recall the good times they had together and do not want to spoil things between them completely.

A source revealed, “It was such a relief to both of them that they could move on and put things behind them. At the end of the day they had a lot of good times together and it was sad that was tainted by how bitter the split was at times. But things are really good now although they are not so close they’re heading out to dinner anytime soon or anything.”

calvin harris rita ora still friends
Rita Ora is still good friends with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. [Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]

Calvin Harris may have patched things up with Rita Ora, but the bitterness over his songwriting feud with his other ex, Taylor Swift, may still be going strong.

After Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift broke up last year, her team spontaneously revealed that she had secretly written the lyrics and melody for his track “This Is What You Came For.”

Harris hit back, saying this seemed like a deliberate attempt to make him look bad.

Rita Ora was asked about Harris’ feud with Taylor when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last month, according to Bravo TV.

Rita seemed very reluctant to speak about the matter, prompting speculation that Calvin and Taylor have not had any success in patching things up.

“Can we not go there right now? Are we really doing this? Is this bring Rita’s whole past to the TV?” Rita Ora said, when she was asked about Calvin and Taylor.

Rita also denied that it was hard for her to see Calvin and Taylor together when they were dating. The singer said that it didn’t bother her because she “doesn’t really read magazines.”

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