Kate Middleton News: Her Life Made Easier By Princess Diana, Says Paul Burrell

John Leuven

The life of Kate Middleton has some parallels when compared to the late Princess Diana's. Both are women who coped up with the demanding lifestyle of being a royal family member. Both had daunting responsibilities that come with being a mother, a wife, and a public figure that demands an image to be maintained. While hardships are not strangers to both, Princess Diana was said to have made the royal life a lot easier for Middleton.

This piece of news comes from Paul Burrell, a former servant of the British Royal Household. He first served as a footman for Queen Elizabeth, and then as a butler for Diana. Ever since the demise of the Princess of Wales, Burrell has been prominent in the media. He became one of the go-to guys when it comes to issues concerning the late princess.

"Diana broke the mould," Burrell said in a recent interview with Mirror."She changed the rules."

Burrell claims that it was Princess Diana who gave the Duchess of Cambridge "a safer passage" and made it easier for people like Kate to be accepted into the royal family. His thoughts go on about how Diana did it for the daughter-in-law that she never got to meet and emphasized how Middleton has a lot to be thankful for.

On a sadder note, Paul also expressed his regrets regarding our treatment of the late Princess of Wales.

"We didn't protect Diana. We didn't cherish her. We didn't nurture her. And shame on us. Times have changed and Kate has it much easier."

While he believed that Middleton is "treading the same path as Diana," Kate had all the help she needed. She had coaching and the lessons that helped her cope better with the demands of the royal standard and be efficient in her work overall. Diana didn't have these, Burrell claimed. Princess Diana still did a great job, but she could have had it easier.

Now, with this point of view, Burrell would love to tell Kate Middleton about how incredible a woman Princess Diana was. He would like to tell the Duchess about the things he and Diana talked about and the things she confided in him in private.

Paul Burrell thinks that Kate is grounded enough that she would listen to the stories. However, he cannot say the same for Princes William and Harry.

He thinks that William and Harry are "so far up the food chain" that they would not listen to what he has to share. He says that they have been influenced by too many people, with years of advice heard through the years. Besides, he also thinks that the William and Harry are not interested in their parent's adult life.

Paul Burrell thinks that Kate is "untainted" by these and that she will be open to advice. "I think she's her own woman. I think she'd accept reality a lot easier than William or Harry would," he said.

As for Burrell's personal life, The Sun reveals that he was married to Maria Cosgrove for 30 years before their divorce. Cosgrove also worked for the royal family, and it was there that the two first met.

However, Paul Burrell later came out and revealed that he is gay. He has also already declared that he plans to marry his partner.

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