Nuns Accuse Katy Perry Of Witchcraft In Lawsuit Over Former L.A. Convent

Catholic nuns accuse Katy Perry of Witchcraft

Two Catholic nuns have accused Katy Perry of witchcraft. The nuns accused Perry of dabbling in witchcraft after they learned that she wants to purchase a former convent in Los Angeles that the nuns claim is their property.

Perry is facing a legal challenge from the nuns, Rose Catherine Holzman, 86, and Rita Callanan, over her efforts to purchase a $14.5 million mansion, a former convent, located in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Sisters Holzman and Callanan, of the Order of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin, formerly lived in the convent. They claim that the convent belongs to them.

They believe that Perry should not be allowed to purchase the property because she has dabbled in witchcraft and lives an “anti-Catholic lifestyle.”

The nuns said that they were “sickened” and “disgusted” by the thought someone like Perry, who has links with witchcraft, could end up purchasing the property where they once lived as nuns.

The nuns revealed that they have asked Pope Francis and the Signatura, the Vatican’s highest judicial authority, to help them fight against Perry’s bid to purchase the property.

“We have a lawyer in Rome. I just don’t think the Pope will let the Archbishop sell to Katy Perry,” Callanan said, according to the Daily Mail.

However, the case is complicated by the fact that the nuns are also locked in a legal battle against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles over ownership of the property. The nuns accused Jose Gomez, the archbishop of Los Angeles, of attempting to sell the property to Perry without their knowledge.

“What we are objecting to is the archbishop simply took our property and then literally tried to sell it to Katy Perry without even speaking to us,” Sister Callanan said. “People don’t realize we are a pontifical order — we are under the Pope, not the archbishop which means strictly speaking he did not have the right.”

“[I would] not be very happy at all if Perry got the property. I do not like Katy Perry’s lifestyle,” she continued.”I have a lot of the things from the internet to show the Archdiocese what kind of woman she was. Some of the things she does are disgusting.”

The nuns cited an incident in 2014 when the singer allegedly visited Salem in Massachusetts to participate in an event called the Salem Witch Walk. According to the nuns, Perry visited Crow Haven Corner, Salem’s oldest witch shop, where she snapped a photo showing her with friends standing beneath a sign that read, “Who are Witches?”

The image was uploaded online with a caption, “Which witch is which?”

The nuns alleged that the Salem Witch Walk isn’t just a tourist attraction because the Facebook page for the event reveals that “real Salem witches” participate in the event and teach people about witchcraft, including “charms, spells and hexes.”

Sister Callanan told the Daily Mail that when she first met Perry to discuss her plans to purchase the property, she tried hard to impress by dressing “very nicely.”

“I have this tattoo on my wrist and it says Jesus,” Perry said, according to Callanan.

When she was asked about her visit to Salem to participate in the Witch Walk, Perry pretended she had forgotten about it. But the fact that she was photographed at the event proved she was there, according to the nuns.

“She looked over at one of her people and said: ‘Did I go to Salem, was I in Salem?’ I said: ‘Come on, you didn’t know you were in Salem at a witchcraft thing. You don’t remember it? That would stick out in my mind. I read it, was that incorrect information?'”

“I’m sorry but I am just not into witchcraft and I am just not into people who are into witchcraft,” Perry eventually replied, according to the nuns.

Callanan also asked Perry about what she meant when she allegedly said that she had “sold her soul to the devil.”

When asked why she wanted to buy the property, Perry talked about drinking green tea and meditating in the garden.

“Well I don’t know, that’s why I want that property because I want to go down and sit down and drink green tea, and just go to the meditation garden and just meditate,” she reportedly said.

“It disturbs me [that Perry wants to purchase the property]… that was our mother house and our retreat house and it is sacred ground.”

Perry has reportedly not responded to the allegations made by the nuns. She is currently engrossed with other issues after splitting from her boyfriend Orlando Bloom following a brief romance. She is reportedly busy with her upcoming album and issues related to her feminist activism.

She participated in the A Day Without A Woman strike on International Women’s Day and she is expected to receive the National Equality Award at the upcoming Human Rights Campaign’s 2017 Los Angeles Gala Dinner on March 18, according to the International Business Times.

The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick has reportedly put a hold on the lawsuit by the nuns to stop Perry from purchasing the property pending the resolution of the dispute over ownership of the property.

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