‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoilers: Who Is Candy Morningstar? Season 3 Moves To LA

Lucifer Season 2 cast members at the Winter TCA Tour

Lucifer fans are going to wait a long time for the rest of the episodes to return, but when it does a new character is expected to be part of the story. Episode 14 of Season 2 is titled “Candy Morningstar,” and fans are wondering who this mysterious character is.

Lucifer Season 2 is currently on a hiatus, and the series will return with the episode on May 1. Fans last saw Tom Ellis’ character taking the desperate measure of having himself killed by his friends, Maze (Leslie-Ann Brandt) and Dr. Linda Martin (Rachel Harris) so he can go to Hell. There, he talked to the late professor who had the antidote to the poison that put Chloe’s (Lauren German) life in danger.

After his successful mission, Chloe’s life was saved and while recuperating, she told Lucifer that they will talk once she feels better. When Chloe got out of the hospital, she went to look for her partner, who had rejected all of her calls. Once she visited his place, the detective only found white sheets draped over all of the furniture and Lucifer gone.

Tom Ellis and Lauren Graham play as partners in Lucifer

Just as everything was going well between Lucifer and Chloe in Season 2, the truth about the latter’s existence became clear to Lucifer. Chloe was found to be a miracle child, which means that God put him in Lucifer’s path. The fallen angel believes that the moments he shared with Chloe are not real. Fans are looking forward to seeing the relationship between the two major characters develop once the series returns.

Could a new woman in Lucifer’s life named Candy get in the way of a blossoming romance between him and Chloe?

Twitter followers have already made up their own theories regarding Candy. According to one Twitter user, Candy could be another angel who descended from Heaven, likely Lucifer’s sister, and took up the name Candy to blend in with the humans.

But spoilers from Deadline revealed that Lucifer will resurface after leaving everyone behind and by the time he does, he is with a mysterious woman. The report also mentioned how Lucifer will be back after the murder of a promising guitarist.

The promo also shows Lucifer’s mom Charlotte (Trisha Helfer) coming to a realization that her son has been truly broken by the truth about Chloe. Charlotte was seen talking to Lucifer’s brother, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), telling him that it was all her fault why Lucifer is devastated. The goddess is also said to have found a way for them to get back up to heaven again.

Maze, on the other hand, believes that Lucifer is angry enough to plot his revenge.

Lucifer cast members at the TVfest 2016

While waiting for Season 2, fans received the good news that Lucifer has been renewed for another season. Season 3’s production will also be moved to Los Angeles.

Most fans know that Lucifer is set in the City of Angels, but the first episode of Season 1 was the only episode shot in the area. The production then moved to Vancouver to film the rest of the episodes, including those of Season 2. But as Deadline has reported, Season 3 will be moving back to Los Angeles.

Lucifer was considered a ‘low-key midseason’ entry in January 2016, but the show has exceeded expectations, which resulted in its renewal for Season 2. Getting another greenlight for Season 3 did not come as a surprise for Fox Entertainment president David Madden, who thinks that it is a ‘rare’ series that keeps on bringing something exciting to viewers.

Lucifer is one of those rare shows that starts strong out of the gate and just keeps getting better and better. Tom, Lauren and the entire cast have really made these characters three-dimensional, and the production team – Jerry, Len, Jonathan, Joe and Ildy – is one of the best in the business.”

Fox picked up nine more episodes for Lucifer Season 2 in October 2016 to give it a 22-episode full season. The third season will also have a total of 22 episodes.

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