Why Did ‘Fuller House’ Star Jodie Sweetin Need Crutches At Kid’s Choice Awards?

Tonight, at the Kid’s Choice Awards, viewers were shocked to notice Jodie Sweetin of Fuller House on crutches. This made fans worry about what was going on with her. USA Today shared that Jodie showed up tonight at the awards on crutches and they have the details about what is going on with her.

Jodie Sweetin actually broke her leg a month ago. A lot of people don’t know about it, though. It was pretty surprising to see her on crutches. Before the show, Jodie went to Instagram and said, “Here’s hoping #fullerhouse takes home the award tonight!!!” Everyone loves this show, so fans were hoping the same thing for them. It was great to see Jodie not afraid to go to the awards show anyway.

She actually broke her ankle and tibia in an unfortunate accident. Jodie Sweetin has been sharing with her fans on Instagram what is going on with her.

“Well, my day did NOT go as planned!! I was trying to hop a fence to get a little toy that Bea had thrown over it, and on the way back, my dismount sucked. Snapped my ankle and tibia in multiple places and screamed like never before!! So… looks like surgery is in my near future. And probably no tap dancing for a while.”

This was pretty shocking to everyone including Jodie.

The Panther shared that Jodie Sweetin recently did an interview and revealed a bit about herself. Jodie went back to the college she graduated from and spoke to the students. Her life has really changed since then. Jodie Sweetin shared her thoughts about going back after all this time and how her life has changed.

“It was an interesting experience. At that point, I was 17 – the show had only been done for about four and a half years – so it was still very fresh in people’s minds. I do remember moving into the dorms and people blasting the ‘Full House’ theme song. I didn’t blend, that’s for sure, but it was great and I have wonderful friends that I’ve remained in really close contact with since I graduated.”

Jodie Sweetin also talked about her favorite memory from Full House and Fuller House. These two shows are great to her. Here is what Jodie had to say.

“I’d probably say that my favorite memory or one that is very dear and special to me is that the first week we went back to shooting ‘Fuller House,’ my daughters came to the set and I have a picture of me and my two girls sitting on the couch in the new set of ‘Fuller House,’ in the same space, on the same stage that we did the original show and stuff on. To come back full circle and to have walked away from something that I thought that this is it, this is done at age 13 and then have it be coming back and be sharing it with my daughters, and my parents come to every taping – it’s just a really neat, full circle moment for me. It’s not necessarily the big stuff, but it’s those little moments that I really hold onto.”

Are you shocked that Jodie Sweetin still went to the Kid’s Choice Awards tonight while on crutches? Do you think that she should have let herself take a break? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching Fuller House on Netflix. You can watch the first two seasons with Jodi now, and another season is coming soon.

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