‘The Walking Dead’ Ratings Make A Major Comeback On AMC

The Walking Dead on AMC has had an up and down Season 7 that has had some investors shaky. But if there is one thing that you should know about fans of The Walking Dead, it’s that they might stray from time to time, but they always come back and they are always hungry for more.

The ratings game for Season 7 of The Walking Dead started back in October of 2016 with a near all-time high, but quickly dipped into alarming levels, at least alarming for network executives and investors who cling to the show as their most lucrative source of income at AMC.

But here in the real [AMC] world, alarming ratings for The Walking Dead is when they are only twice as big as the second-place contender and do not pull in 20 million viewers, which is a slight exaggeration of course. But once they dipped below the 17 million the premiere Season 7 episode of The Walking Dead pulled in, there was a shakeup of unrest within the investors pool over at AMC. It got kind of intense over there too because The Walking Dead was only pulling in 10-12 million viewers per episode (gasp!).

But fans of The Walking Dead and AMC investors can rest easy now that TWD is back to pulling off cable TV’s biggest ratings ever for a drama series, as reported by Zap2It. That’s right, The Walking Dead is back to its old tricks again and pulled in a whopping 15.7 million viewers in its Live plus seven days viewers. That includes 10.4 million on the day of air and an additional 5.3 million over the next seven days.

Now, we should also mention that this data is the kind that trickles in and it is for The Walking Dead that aired during the week of February 20 to February 26. So the updated numbers might be lagging a bit for what is more recent, but with the most recent developments on TWD, it is safe to assume that The Walking Dead is back in charge of cable TV, but that is also to assume that it ever went away (which it didn’t).

Now that we’ve gotten past the boring numbers stuff for The Walking Dead, let’s just take a look at the road so far (that was a hidden reference to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s other horror TV gig on Supernatural). We should also give you a warning that there are spoilers for the last few episodes of The Walking Dead coming up. If you have not seen those episodes and do not want any of the details spoiled for you, then you should only proceed with that caution in mind.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, we saw that Rick and Michonne have found a new source of supplies for their uprising over Negan and the Saviors. Not only did they find guns, but they found what appears to be a year’s worth of military food in a warehouse beside the ruins of a traveling carnival.

Although it was enough to satisfy their new allies, the Scavengers, they did not make life any easier for Rick and the core group. There were new deals to be made and guns changed hands at the time of their meeting. But it does insinuate that there is enough firepower and manpower to make a stand against the Saviors and give Rick and the group more leverage to break free of Negan’s grip.

Fans of The Walking Dead will also see this Sunday that The Kingdom is about to have their own run-in with the Saviors and that is a good sign for Rick and Alexandria.

Be sure to tune into the next episode of The Walking Dead Sunday on AMC.

[Featured Image by AMC]