‘Dragon Ball Super’ News: U11 Angel, U3, U11 GoD, 6 New Kaioshins Revealed

Dragon Ball Super might not be airing this week, but Toei Animation has graciously released some new information about several characters who would be playing a significant part in the anime’s ongoing Universe Survival Arc. In the latest release, Toei has revealed the character profiles of two new Gods of Destruction, a new Angel, and six new Kaioshins from the DBS multiverse.

The profiles of the nine new characters were released in the Dragon Ball Super official website. While the profiles that are available for each of the newly-revealed characters are brief, what was stated about some of the characters has managed to get numerous DBS fans interested. Here are nine new characters that will be playing a huge role in the Universe Survival Arc.

Universe 11 God of Destruction: Vermoud

The God of Destruction for Universe 11 has so far been the deity which has attracted the most attention among the newly-introduced characters in Dragon Ball Super. Speculations were high that the god would be the main antagonist of the Universe Survival Arc, especially since Vermoud’s design is inspired by the Joker’s Killer Clown look. Regardless of this, however, the character’s official profile stated that the God of Destruction “does not abide evil,” and the “efforts of the Pride Troopers sends his heart aflutter.”

From Vermoud’s profile, it appears that the character will not be the devious god that fans of the anime have been speculating on for weeks now. The fighters of Universe 11 have already been revealed to be seekers of justice, and if the profile for Vermoud is any indication, it appears that U11’s God of Destruction is no different. What’s interesting about Vermoud is that he is voiced by Masami Kikuchi, who also voices Monaka.

The profile for Vermoud, the Killer Clown-looking God of Destruction, has managed to surprise fans of 'Dragon Ball Super.'

Universe 11 Angel: Marcarita

The Angel of Universe 11, who bears a striking resemblance to DC’s Harley Quinn, has been revealed to be named Marcarita, following the naming theme of DBS‘ Angels. According to the character’s profile, the powerful Angel speaks and acts candidly towards her God of Destruction and Kaioshin, both of whom are rather strict. She is voiced by Ai Sasaki, according to a Kazenshuu report.

Universe 3 God of Destruction: Mosco

Mosco, arguably the most daunting God of Destruction in the Universe Survival Arc, is a massive robot that communicates through beeps and sounds. The personality of the character has not been revealed in previous episodes, and no references to the god’s temparament were teased in his profile. Regardless of the lack of information about the character, however, Mosco has been largely favored by fans of the series, mainly due to the character’s rather cool appearance. Mosco has no voice actor.

While Vermoud, Marcarita, and Mosco were the stars of the latest character profile release on the official Dragon Ball Super website, the profiles of six new Kaioshins have also been revealed. Here are brief profiles of six new Kaioshins which will be playing a role in the Universe Survival Arc.

Universe 1 Kai: Anato

Just like Universe 7’s Kaioshin, Anato from Universe 1 is regarded as a god with a gentle smile. He comes from the Universe with the highest mortal level, and thus, it is unsure if he would be playing a significant role in the Tournament of Power. He is voiced by Yusei Oda, who also voices one of the Omni-King’s attendants.

Marka is the latest Angel to be revealed in the official 'Dragon Ball Super' website.

Universe 3 Kai: Ea

The bespectacled Ea has one of the most distinct designs among the Kais that have been revealed so far. According to the character’s page, Ea is slightly influenced by mortals with a passion for mechanics. Considering that his counterpart is the daunting Mosco, Ea’s interest toward machines appear to be well-grounded. Ea is voiced by Makoto Naruse.

Universe 5 Kai: Oguma

According to the god’s profile, Oguma, the rather hefty Kai of Universe 5, is a deity who loves the balance of knowledge and power. Oguma is voiced by Megumi Uwara, who also voiced Uub in Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Kai, and Dragon Ball GT.

Universe 4 Kai: Kuru

Just like the Universe 9 Kaioshin, Kuru of Universe 4 is noted by the character’s profile to be a deity with a lot of pride. He is voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura.

Universe 8 Kai: Iru

According to the official Dragon Ball Super website, Iru is a Kai who loves making plans and strategizing. Iru gets his kicks when his plans come together, which would most likely make him a rather entertaining character in the Tournament of Power. The Kai is voiced by Masazaku Morita, who also voices Whis, and the Angel of Universe 7’s God of Destruction, Beerus.

Universe 12 Kai: Agu

Agu is among the wisest of the Kais, and his profile states that he speaks in a virtuous manner. Despite his universe being developed, however, Agu still maintains a very ambitious outlook, aspiring to make his universe even more advanced. He is voiced by Yasuhiro Takato, who also plays Botamo.

Dragon Ball Super, the latest anime series from the gargantuan franchise, airs every Sunday in Japan at 9 a.m. local time. The anime is not showing this Sunday, but it will be back in its regular timeslot next week, March 19.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]