James Bond: Has Daniel Craig Confirmed His 007 Return For 'Bond 25'?

The 2015 release of Spectre brought with it news that Daniel Craig had completed his James Bond obligations, prompting highly-critical remarks from the actor about the possibility of returning to play Ian Fleming's 007 in future films. Daniel's comments, some so harsh as suggesting he'd rather kill himself than play Bond in another film, were later recanted, but even that wasn't a confirmation that he had reconsidered playing James Bond again.

As other actors stepped up, announcing their eagerness to make Bond their own, some promising to bring cultural diversity to the role or playing the first female Bond, more talk spread throughout Hollywood about the possibility of bringing Craig back. Now, it seems that's more than talk.

Is Daniel Craig Really Coming Back For More Bond?

Bond 25, Daniel Craig
'Bond 25' may still feature Daniel Craig as 007. [Image by MGM/Columbia Pictures]

In a moment of honesty, one would have to admit that, given a choice, fans of the 007 series would rather see Daniel Craig back as James Bond than to have to get used to an entirely new actor in the role. As The Hollywood Reporter indicated in covering Craig's attendance at this year's Omega dinner at The Beekman Hotel, the question still on everyone's mind is whether or not Craig is willing to reprise his version of James Bond for future films.

In the recent Bond films, Daniel has worn Omega watches as a part of his 007 character, which explains his interest in attending the Omega dinner. Even so, Daniel was still tight-lipped about the possibility of doing more films as James Bond.

While at the dinner, Mr. Craig revealed that getting to wear the Omega timepieces has turned him into an affectionado and a collector, adding that the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial chronometer, which was used in Casino Royale (2006), is the prize of his own collection.

"This one has a very special place for me, because I didn't think I'd ever own it," said Craig. "Who knew Casino Royale was going to be as successful as it was? I thought maybe, but if it's swing and a miss, I'll walk away. But I kind of wanted the watch; I thought it would be nice to have as a memento of this adventure."

Aside From Daniel Craig, Here's The New James Bond Favorite

Daniel Craig, Skyfall, Naomie Harris, Bond 25
Daniel Craig's 'Skyfall' co-star, Naomie Harris, has faith that he will return for 'Bond 25.' [Image by MGM/Columbia Pictures]

Seeking to always be prepared, MGM has to keep their options open, and as Sunday Express shares, James Bond executive producer Barbara Broccoli is the one in the know, as far as who is being eyed to step up in Craig's stead. While there have been many interested parties from Gillian Anderson to Tom Hardy, Broccoli really has her eye on Jack Huston (American Hustle, Ben-Hur) to play the next 007 lead.

While Huston was a part of the Ben-Hur flop, he has proven the fault wasn't with his acting, as he has received rave reviews for his live performances on London's West End, while starring in Strangers On A Train. Ms. Broccoli was also involved in the stage play, so she's familiar with Jack Huston and his talents.

Of course, that all still depends on Daniel Craig. Truthfully, the Skyfall and Spectre star has MGM over a barrel, because he is the preferred James Bond. If Daniel shared that he were willing to return (and, at this point, it's believed that he's "keen" to return) and the studio went with another actor, that kind of news might negatively impact the future of the James Bond franchise.

Even Naomie Harris, who is the new Moneypenny, suggests it's far too soon to rule Daniel Craig out at this point.

"I really don't think that they've moved on from Daniel," Harris previously said of MGM's plans for Bond 25.

Finally, there's IMDb. The site's page for Bond 25 lists John Logan (Penny Dreadful) as the writer, and yes, Daniel Craig as James Bond, with a qualifying "rumored" added to the listing.

[Featured Image by MGM/Columbia Pictures]