‘Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry’ Movie Plot Easter Egg Will Preview Manga’s Ending?

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, a movie based on the immensely popular manga of the same name, may contain an Easter egg which is expected to offer a short preview about the ending of the decade-long manga series.

Fairy Tail, a popular manga released weekly by mangaka Hiro Mashima, is racing towards its ending, indicated the official website of a movie based on the manga series. Additional information recently surfaced online indicates the movie will not only herald the ending of the manga series, but also offer a brief glimpse confirming the same through an Easter egg hidden within the feature film.

As reported by the Inquisitr recently, the official website of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry was launched to keep fans on track on the film’s progression. On March 1, the website began streaming a painfully short 30-second teaser featuring random scenes selected from the movie. Although the promotional video contained nothing new about the movie, it did reveal an important event in the ongoing manga series. Reports indicate that the teaser foreshadowed the nearing end of Mashima’s original manga series. Apart from the video, the website also offered a rather disappointing update on the Fairy Tail manga that has been running for the past 10 years. A rough translation on the website that corroborated with the one put forth in the trailer reads:

“A decade after starting its serialization, creator Hiro Mashima’s story, is finally heading towards the climax!”


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Although there has been no official confirmation yet, fans can expect an Easter egg regarding the ending of the manga series during Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. The movie may be based on the manga, but it has an entirely new movie-only story line. Fortunately, the original manga illustrator and creator, Hiro Mashima, is closely associated with the feature film’s production process. Mashima is believed to have hand-drawn close to 200 pages of the storyboard for Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. Moreover, it is believed he has also crafted several key visuals, including the one which shows a partial but dramatic transformation of Fairy Tail‘s protagonist, Natsu Dragneel, into a dragon. Incidentally, the image in which Natsu is seen with the left side of his body transformed into a dragon has been used for the main poster of the Dragon Cry movie. The tagline beneath the dramatic poster reads, “That power… is it hope or destruction…?”

Mashima also serves as the executive producer for the film, while Tatsuma Minamikawa is the director of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. The film has been made by A1 pictures. Although the Dragon Cry plot hasn’t been leaked, reports indicate the movie-only story has Natsu and the rest of the Fairy Tail Guild members retrieving an ancient and presumably dangerous artifact known as the Dragon Cry, reported Asia Starz. The Fairy Tail members are expected to undertake a very dangerous mission as they make their way through the treacherous Stella Kingdom. As expected, the journey is filled with many challenges, including mythical creatures. The new members to join the Fairy Tail saga are King Animus, the king of Stella kingdom, and his aide, Sonya.

Interestingly, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry will have the entire voice cast of the anime. Natsu Dragneel will be voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara, while Lucy Heartfilia will be voiced by Aya Hirano. Rie Kugimiya will voice Happy, Yuichi Nakamura will voice Gray Fullbuster, Sayaka Ohara is Erza Scarlet, Satomi Satou is Wendy, and Yui Horie is Charles.

[Featured Image by Hiro Mashima/Fairy Tail Manga/Kodansha]