Customer Tells Overweight Waitress To ‘Stop Eating’ In Tip Line [Photo]

In yet another case of someone not knowing how to use the tip line of a restaurant bill, a customer told an overweight waitress to “stop eating b*tch.”

Reddit user yipskip posted a photo of the bill with the description, “My (overweight) friend got this as a tip.”

The customer left zero dollars, but circled the word tip before writing the note.

Redditors sprang to the waitress’s defense after the photo was posted. User redstormpopcorn wrote, “…says the person dropping $30 at Applebee’s at a table for 1.”

ThrewItAwaaay agreed, but speculated that perhaps the waitress turned down the customer’s advances.

“Dude was probably some butthurt dweller who hit on the waitress and got shut down faster than his internet service when the ISP saw how much bandwidth he was using on livestock porn,” he said.

Redditor Darminian wrote:

“Yeah that’s pretty harsh, at least if they had tipped well it would be like, well that guy was a critical prick whose [sic] generous, but to pull that sh*t is lame.

What’s worse is that it’s not like fat people don’t know they are fat. They f**king know. They know all the time.”

Other users, however, pointed out the fact that why the customer left the note wasn’t known. Themanbat said, “Incredibly rude. Of course we’ve only got one side of the story here. Perhaps the friend was the most evil server in history on this particular day. Probably not though.”

Yet another user speculated that maybe the customer was projecting his or her own problems onto the waitress. Zerocoolforschool wrote, “I don’t know why people go out of there way to be mean to others. I suspect it’s to hide their own unhappiness.”

What do you think of this customer telling the waitress to stop eating?