Will Jessica Lange Ever Return To 'American Horror Story'?

American Horror Story fans are on edge waiting to hear the casting news for Season 7, which should air in the fall. With Lady Gaga's future with the series up in the air, the AHS viewers can't help but hope that Jessica Lange would reconsider returning to the series.

Lange is a legend, and no one can come close to replacing her on the show. She was in four seasons of American Horror Story. Each character she portrayed was unique in their own special way.

Even though these characters hold a special place in Lange's heart, is that enough to bring her back to the FX show?

According to E Online, Lange isn't open to returning to American Horror Story. She enjoyed her time on AHS but considers that door closed.

"No, I think, you know, I had four years with that. Four seasons. And each year was a marvelous character," Jessica admitted.

"Everything changed from one year to another, which made it very interesting for me. But, no, I think sometimes you come to the end of something, and it has a… natural end."
Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange from 'American Horror Story'
Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange from 'American Horror Story.' [Images by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]

Jessica seems to appreciate that American Horror Story viewers loved her work in the series and would like to see her return. Even so, she explained that she feels content with her life post-American Horror Story and encouraged her followers to see her new show, Feud.

"When is Lady Lange coming back to American Horror Story? My answer is always, 'Well, I'll just keep blackmailing her.' [Laughs.] What was your experience like doing it? You have such an audience from it," American Horror Story showrunner, Ryan Murphy said.

It's not a secret that Murphy would love to have Lange back on American Horror Story. It was her choice to walk away. Ryan said he had to respect her wishes, even if he didn't like it.

American Horror Story fans have noticed that Lange has conflicting feelings about her time on the FX series. She loved the work she did and appreciates her large fanbase but felt after Season 4 that she had nothing left to add to the series.

"Even now, people will come up and say, 'Oh, my God, I loved you on American Horror Story.'What you did for me over those four seasons was create these extraordinary characters. You gave each of them some bizarre history and allowed me as an actor to build on that to make it more real," Jessica Lange revealed.

"I loved every one of them. Sometimes I felt our story would jump the tracks [laughs], but they were always amazing characters to play. And for me that's the only thing that matters: Do I have a character I can sink deep into to find all the emotional turmoil? A character who's just barely hanging on, always walking that line between madness and sanity? Those are the kind of parts I've always gravitated to. Those four and now, of course, Crawford — they were just so complete, with a kind of bottomless depth."
According to Movie Pilot, Jessica may return if it was for a short stint or guest appearance. Even so, Murphy has his doubts that she would even agree to a guest spot on American Horror Story. He believes that, in her mind, she has nothing left to prove to herself or the AHS community, so she decided to walk away.

Susan Sarandon, Ryan Murphy, and Jessica Lange from 'Feud.'
Susan Sarandon, Ryan Murphy, and Jessica Lange from 'Feud.[Image by Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images]

American Horror Story fans hope that Jessica Lange will come back, if not for Season 7, for the Murder House/Coven crossover. Surely, Ryan Murphy wouldn't do a Murder House/Coven crossover without Jessica Lange?

American Horror Story fans, do you think Jessica Lange will ever come back to the FX series?

Watch Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon on FX's Feud on Sunday nights.

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