Lil Kim Penning Nicki Minaj Diss Track Amid Remy Ma ‘Shether’ Feud?

Is Lil Kim planning to release her own diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj?

It’s no secret that Lil Kim and Minaj aren’t the best of industry pals, with the 42-year-old having often been left under the impression that Nicki not only stole her style but also her rapping skills, which Kim’s fans have notably pointed out in the past.

It is said that when Nicki first started her career, her biggest influence was Lil Kim, which would explain why the “Starships” hitmaker would often refer to herself as a Barbie, something which Kim would proclaim herself to be throughout her career.

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Regardless of their feud, however, Minaj found herself in yet another hip-hop rivalry, after having targeted Remy Ma on Gucci Mane’s latest song “Make Love,” where she subliminally notes how no female rapper can come close to the success she’s had.

On the track, Nicki goes on to boast about her record sales, adding that in order to be considered the best female rapper, one has to be able to sell albums — something which she says Remy Ma hasn’t been able to do.

This would lead Remy to release her critically acclaimed diss track “Shether,” in which she takes endless digs at Nicki, from her supposed butt implants bursting, to supporting her brother, Jelani, who is currently facing a lifetime prison sentence for allegedly molesting a 12-year-old girl.

Nicki has yet to respond on a track without the support of Drake and Lil Wayne, but knowing the history that Lil Kim shares with Minaj, many people on social media had assumed that the “Get Money” star would have responded and added herself to the beef. Thousands of fans have since mentioned that in doing so, Nicki Minaj would have put herself in a very uncomfortable position.

Knowing that she has yet to comment on Remy’s diss track, Lil Kim’s fans were hoping that she would add herself in the mix of things, but according to the rapper, she doesn’t feel as if there’s any reason why she should put out a diss track of her own — Remy has already said everything that could have possibly said.

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The seven-minute record was so intense, rappers including Wiz Khalifa, Lil Boosie, and Da Brat were pleasantly surprised as to how far the “All The Way Up” chart-topper went to not only embarrass her rival but also to expose personal things that Nicki would’ve most likely wanted to keep out of the limelight.

Lil Kim tells Billboard that she won’t be adding herself to the drama. She’s certainly backing Remy Ma in this feud, but at this given point, unless Minaj takes aim at Lil Kim, there won’t be anything that the mother-of-one plans on releasing regarding her ongoing feud with the 34-year-old.

“I’m not even thinking about that. First of all, after hearing ‘Shether,’ that sh*t is so hard, Remy doesn’t need no damn help,” she tells the outlet.

Hollywood Life goes on to add, “Kim’s laughing at Nicki’s lame excuse. Instead of Nicki trying to cover-up the fact she copied Kim’s style, she should have covered up that tit! That would have been the best thing for her to do.”

It’s been said that Lil Kim is currently working on her forthcoming studio album — her first since 2006, and while she has yet to reveal more information regarding the project, there’s no doubt that fans can expect the self-proclaimed queen of rap to take some sort of dig at Minaj.

The timing has to be right, and judging by the humiliation Nicki has faced via social media, from trending hashtags such as #NickiMinajIsOverParty, fans are convinced that Minaj will eventually respond with a diss track of her own, away from the Drake-assisted track “No Frauds,” and when she does, Remy Ma and Lil Kim will be ready.

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