Ultimate Fighting Championship Diss: Floyd Mayweather Calls Out Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather had an astounding 49-0 record when he retired from fighting in 2015, and now he's ready to take on Conor McGregor in an Ultimate Fighting Champisonship match. Mayweather recently announced he's willing to put his perfect record on the line by officially returning to the world of fighting, according to Bleacher Report.

This would provide Floyd Mayweather with the opportunity to retire again after earning his 50th victory, and that type of number has to be enticing. However, because Conor McGregor is part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship as opposed to participating in the professional boxing circuit, it's unclear whether or not a victory would actually give Floyd Mayweather a 50-0 record. Either way, fans are excited to hear how Conor McGregor will respond to this challenge.

So far, the statement from Floyd Mayweather has been met by Conor McGregor with absolute silence. Interestingly, Mayweather has said that if McGregor is willing to step up and sign the necessary papers drawn up by the Ultimate Fighting Championship head office, the two titans could meet in the ring as early as June of this year.

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Conor McGregor holds up his title belts after Eddie Alvarez defeat [Image by Julio Cortez/AP Images]

Is Money Preventing Conor McGregor from Responding?

Floyd Mayweather has alleged that Conor McGregor is using excuses regarding money and the Ultimate Fighting Championship to prevent the two of them from fighting. It's impossible to know whether or not there's even a hint of truth to these allegations until McGregor speak up.

In the meantime, Fox Sports has reported that Floyd Mayweather is demanding a larger percentage than McGregor of the pay-per-view profits from this one time Ultimate Fighting Championship appearance. Although Conor McGregor hasn't yet responded to the news that Mayweather is officially out of retirement, he has indicated concerns in the past about the boxer's fading ability to draw in a lot of viewers.

It's purely speculation at this point, but Floyd Mayweather seems to think that Conor McGregor hasn't agreed to fight him because of this request. It is true that fighters at the top of their weight class usually make the most money from pay-per-view receipts, but Floyd Mayweather is still billing himself as the "A side" fighter who deserves to make the most money.

This is understandably a bit complicated on both sides given Mayweather's strong boxing history and McGregor's current standing as the lightweight division leader for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This hasn't stopped him from officially announcing he is officially coming out of retirement and goading the other fighter, stating that he is "coming for him in June."

To make a point about this perceived financial debate, Floyd Mayweather recently filmed a taunt video aimed at Conor McGregor. In it, the former boxing champ disses McGregor, saying that he's ready to fight. The FightHype video calls out McGregor saying, "STOP DUCKING...I DON'T WANT THE UFC TO LOOK BAD"
Mayweather also made several thinly veiled references to his belief that Conor McGregor has been "crying" about the money.

Is McGregor's silence about the money? [Image by Brandon Magnus, Zuffa LLC/AP Images]

It's not surprising that the Ultimate Fighting Championship star hasn't responded to this type of commentary, but it will be interesting to see if Conor McGregor decides that the chance to face Mayweather is worth a pay cut. Alternatively, McGregor could respond with a similar request to receive the majority of the event's pay-per-view receipts. After all, he is the current leader of the lightweight Ultimate Fighting Championship division, and he's been a big financial draw for the sport.

Ultimately, this appears to come down to whether or not Floyd Mayweather is merely posturing or if he's actually serious about his proposal to fight Conor McGregor. It's been two years since Mayweather retired, and he's never fought in an Ultimate Fighting Championship match. When you combine this with the fact that the boxer once known as Pretty Boy is 12 years older than Conor McGregor, it becomes easy to wonder if Floyd Mayweather would win his 50th match when it's in an Ultimate Fighting Championship ring or if he's setting himself up for his first loss.

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