Mom Pulls Gun On Another Mom In The School Drop-Off Line, Incident Causes Panic

A Texas elementary school is on red alert after a mom pulled a gun on another mom over a disagreement in the drop-off line, Scary Mommy reports.

Navigating the drop-off line is challenging for even the best parents. It can be hectic, stressful and at times, downright irritating. It’s a safe bet to assume that on Thursday morning, two moms from Deer Park, Texas had a particularly bad start to their morning. It resulted in one mom pulling out a gun and threatening to use it on another. All in front of the elementary-aged children and other parents.

According to KHOU News, the incident occurred after two mothers got into a heated argument during the morning drop-off. The details about what led to the argument have not been released yet. It possible that one mom was upset with the way the other one was driving or it could have been personal. The one piece of information that the police know is the argument escalated to the point of one woman pulling out a gun on the other and threatened to use it.

The weapon was taken out in full view of several other concerned parents and their children. Thankfully, the gun was not discharged, and no one was injured, but the school remains on high alert, fearing a repeat confrontation.

The other parents were right to be concerned about the incident. At school, the children and their parents should feel safe, and that’s not how they feel following the Thursday incident.

According to ABC News, the school sent a letter to the parents addressing their concerns about the incident.

“I’m writing to inform you of an incident involving two parents that took place in the drop-off lane at Deer Park Elementary this morning. As students were being dropped off before school this morning, the two parents were involved in a disagreement. The confrontation escalated, ending with one parent pointing a firearm at the other. Other parents witnessed the disagreement, and the police were contacted and quickly arrived on the scene.”

The local police are still investigating the incident, but it brings up several questions to most who hear about the story.

Why did the mom have a gun in her car to pick up her kid from school? Most parents would be furious if they heard that two moms got in a screaming match in the school drop-off line and it resulted in one pulling out a gun. What could have happened between them that would warrant a weapon confrontation?

It certainly makes one think about speaking your mind or standing up for yourself in public, fearing that someone could be packing a gun. If two moms can get into a screaming match and reach a point where one of them pulls a gun out, then it really could happen to anyone.

“People should be watching what they say in front of their children. Can you imagine a child seeing that?”

Is it really necessary to have your weapon in your car when you are picking your child up for school? Of course, it is possible that the mom in question was legally license to carry the gun, but that doesn’t excuse her actions of pulling the weapon out and scaring the other mother, plus the innocent bystanders.

“Breaks my heart because they are so impressionable at this point when is this going to do for them when they have a conflict,” a neighbor said. “Is that the first resolution they are going to think of, I’ll pull a gun and brandish a gun? Not good.”

The Deer Park Police were called to the scene, but no arrests were made. The district attorney has not decided if they plan to press charges against either mother.

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