MUA Who Accused Kylie Jenner Of Ripping Off Her Colors Launches Own Lip Line

Kylie Jenner is continuously expanding her Lip Kit line and has even branched out to add other cosmetics products as well, such as highlighters that she has cleverly named kylighters. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is a focused entrepreneur using her expertise in the world of beautifying and fashion to increase her wealth and empire.

With such power, however, also comes haters and those who seek fault in such efforts. Kylie’s Lip Kit brand came under fire a year ago when the Better Business Bureau gave Kylie’s company a failing grade for shipping mess-ups and delay in responding to complaints. The issue, however, was rectified and the grade was changed.

Following the initial fail, Jenner also came under the scrutiny of a specific makeup artist who accused Jenner of ripping off one of her lip shades.

MTV reminds of the details in this dispute that cropped up in November.

“You might recall that back in November there was trouble in Kylie Jenner’s lip-kit paradise. Makeup artist Vlada Haggerty accused Kylie Jenner of copying her work, and possibly even using it as inspiration for the Kylie Cosmetics logo. The two parties seemed to have settled the matter: Kylie posted credit to Haggerty on Instagram a couple months later.”

Now it seems that Haggerty is ready to be a competition to Jenner, seeing as she’s getting set to launch her own lip line of metallic colors with Smashbox Cosmetics. The MUA has assumed the title of “lip editor-in-chief” for the brand and has created lip art “using Smashbox’s Be Legendary liquid lip product, which comes in metals and pigments.”

Smashbox Cosmetics posted to Instagram on International Women’s Day about the new collaboration with Haggerty, announcing her new role with the brand.

“Who run the world? Girls! No better day than #InternationalWomensDay to announce the genius @vladamua as our new lip editor-in-chief. She’s starting by creating her signature lip art with our new #BeLegendaryLiquidLip in Metals (foil-like finishes) and Pigments (vinyl-like finishes). Pictured here: Iced Out (metallic royal blue). Full collection now available on and @ultabeautyonline.”

Kylie may now be set for a little competition, yet the Lip Kit Queen has no shortage of resources to expand even more beyond the pout. Jenner has impressed with her incredible talent when it comes to reaching fans and followers. Her strategies and communication has caused the reality star to have a more personal connection with fans than that of her older ultra- famous sister Kim K.

Kylie has been recognized for her entrepreneurial endeavors not only by fans, but by Time magazine last year as well. The star received an award for her success with her app that was created as a means to help her fans to find similar styles to hers on an affordable budget. Kylie also has a website with loads of makeup tutorials that assist followers to get the look step-by-step.

Since this point, Jenner has also branched into the world of fashion and created three collections with her sister, model Kendall Jenner. The girls’ collections have been sold in Topshop and Nordstrom as well as in many other retail chains. Teen Vogue notes new details about the sisters’ recent designs.

Although it didn’t initially go over well with her rapper brother-in-law Kanye West, Kylie became the new face for Puma, which is a competitor to the brand that Kanye is affiliated with, Adidas. The dust has settled, and Kanye has now accepted that Kylie is paving her own path, as Earn The Necklace relays.

It’s unlikely that Kylie Jenner will feel the effects of Haggerty’s new lip line launch. The more choice in metallic lip color the better, after all.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week]