Are Kendra Wilkinson And Hank Baskett Still Having Marriage Problems?

Kendra Wilkinson is reportedly returning to Marriage Boot Camp. Does that mean the former Playboy model is still having marriage problems with husband Hank Baskett?

According to Us Weekly, it’s not just romantic couples who join Marriage Bootcamp. Kendra Wilkinson, Farrah Abraham, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino are just some of the reality stars joining in the new season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition. The new reality series premieres April 28 and shows the stars working on their family problems.

Wilkinson will be joining the show with her mother Patti. The wild new trailer shows at the source includes a scene of Kendra breaking down in tears.

“I cannot have this person destroying my happiness anymore,” the former Girls Next Door star is heard saying.

According to the Us report, Kendra and Patti were previously estranged. She and Hank Baskett previously appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars back in 2015. The show is said to have saved their marriage. Kendra and Hank decided to do the show after the former NFL star was rumored to have an affair with transgender model Ava London.

hank baskett and kendra wilkinson in love

Fortunately, the couple has survived that turbulent time in their life and credited it for bringing them closer than ever.

“I think being on TV helped us expedite everything a little bit more and push us more into the therapy a lot more,” Wilkinson told Us Weekly at the ABC Galaxy BabyFirst TV event at the Clarity Theatre in Beverly Hills in August 2015.

“It pushed us a little bit more to get to the root of our problem and the root of our feelings. We’re just showing the healing process. Everything that really happens after something tragic happened. We’re human. We’re not perfect people. This is pretty much a TV diary of what we’re going through.”

So, it’s no surprise as to why Kendra would bring her mom onboard for Marriage Boot Camp. She clearly is having a good time with Hank, in and out of the bedroom. She was slammed for tweeting that she and her husband had sex inside a public gym, reports Hollywood Life.

“Drunk n just had some good sex,” Wilkinson tweeted. “Mmm … we f***ed in the gym. Have a thing for the gym right now. Idk … I guess it counted as a round of squats,” the 31-year-old explicitly revealed to her fans on Feb. 23.

Kendra’s fans weren’t happy with her tweets. One fan asked if her son is old enough to use the internet. Kendra shot back and said, “Oh ya. Hi Hank mama n papa just f***ed…have a great day.”

Others slammed her for being a “bad mother,” especially since she was drunk and sharing graphic details about her life with her husband.

kendra wilkinson hank baskett sex life

“Really? Your a mom now, a hot one yes but have some self respect and dignity. You are above that kind of post, aren’t you? [sic]” another fan wrote.

“Aw are my tweets about f***ing my hubby too graphic 4 u? Hm how can I cater to a 50yo virgins way of thinking #suckit #swallowit,” Mrs. Baskett wrote.

Kendra may be a mom these days, but she’s still a “hot mom.” She posted a series of sexy selfies of herself wearing curve-hugging outfits and Daisy Dukes, reports

Earlier this week, Kendra shared an Instagram photo that shows her wearing a bikini and stepping out of her swimming pool. She posted the photo in an effort to distance herself from her image, being a Playboy model and one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends.

“Sometimes it’s hard always being labeled a Playboy girl cuz I’ve never ever seen myself that way,” she told her followers. “I left the playboy world almost 10 years ago n have moved on in my life. Comparing me now to that 18 year old girl then is apples n oranges. I can give a f**k about meeting standards and impressing people.”

“Who I am is who I am n the people who follow my journey know what’s up n I love you guys. Got a lot coming up n can’t wait to share it with all of you,” she concluded.

It’s not clear what Wilkinson has up her sleeve these days. According to, she wants to be more than just a reality star and tabloid fixture. She is working on some modeling and acting projects.

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