Jenelle Evans In Danger? ‘Teen Mom’ Star Warns Courtland Rogers ‘Stay Away’

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans is warning drug-addicted, soon-to-be released from prison ex-husband Courtland Rogers not to reach out to her.

After serving two-years of a three-year sentence following his drug possession conviction, Radar Online reported that Rogers is set to walk free on March 18.

“Hell no,” Evans said when asked if she planned to reconnect with her volatile ex. “I’m staying far away from him.”

The two were only married 18-months, but the never-ending strife each endured over that time has become legendary.

Over that time, Evans suffered a miscarriage, but later became pregnant again. In 2013, after both were arrested on charges of possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia following a domestic dispute, she elected to abort the child.

Evans is now engaged to David Eason and recently gave birth to her third child, the first she and Eason share together.

As irony would have it, Eason and Rogers are also well-acquainted, having served prison time together in North Carolina at the Nuese Correctional Institution.

Records indicate Eason was being held on drug and larceny charges.

“And he better do the same,” Evans added of her plan to stay as far away from Rogers as she can.

Radar added that an officer from the Tabor City Correctional Institution in North Carolina where Rogers is now being held confirmed his fast-approaching release date. Part of Roger’s November 2015 sentence was for being deemed a habitual felon by the state.

“There is an advanced supervised release program,” the officer told the website to the question of how Rogers is now being released early. “They have to meet a certain criteria and not get certain infractions and be in classes to have a reduced sentence.”

The daughter Evans and Eason share was born earlier this year. She also has two young sons from previous relationships with exes Andrew Lewis and Nathan Griffith.

Us magazine reported over the years that Rogers has had more than his share of issues with drugs, with Radar releasing a video of him in 2014 injecting himself with heroin.

“I did relapse, see all my track marks,” he said in footage, which he reportedly provided to the website.

Jenelle Evans poses for a mug shot August 8, 2011 in Oak Island, North Carolina. [Image by Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department via Getty Images].

Rogers was also jailed in November of 2015, after he failed to show up to court on charges of a speeding ticket and reckless driving. Around that same time, he starred in the documentary In the Vein: Hooked on Heroin, which was produced by a local North Carolina TV news station.

Rogers and Evans officially divorced in June 2014, after spending a year separated as required by North Carolina state law.

Evans’ troubles aren’t confined to just her exes. She has previously been embroiled in a nasty custody battle with mom Barbara Evans over 7-year-old son Jace. The feud between mother and daughter has often played out before the MTV cameras and recently Evans has turned to social media to vent.

“My mother is ruining our relationship as mother and daughter,” she posted on Twitter. “It’s only getting worse.”

Evans’ claims her mom has often resorted to threatening to restrict her visitation privileges with her son in order to control her.

More recently, she added on Twitter, “If you guys only saw the texts messages between my mother and I. Shows a lot of truth to why I freak out on her so suddenly. My feelings are extremely hurt and this is why I do not attend the live shows. My mentality is very important for my three children.”

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