Roommate Shot In Chest Over Clogged Toilet

Olympia, WA — A man allegedly pulled a gun on his roommate and shot him several times early Saturday morning after they got into a fight over a clogged toilet.

Apparently the conflict originated after they picked up two women at a bar and brought them back home. “They drank quite a bit,” Lt. Chris Mealy of the Thurston County, Washington, Sheriff’s Office told local media.

According to the Tacoma News Tribune, “One of the women used the bathroom and plugged the toilet, angering the owner of the home, Mealy said. The two men argued and the women left.”

The argument between two men got violent, and after grappling with each other, the homeowner went for his handgun — which he was carrying in his waistband — and opened fire on the roommate, hitting him once in the chest.

The victim, who is in his 20s, locked himself in his bedroom and then fled the residence. A friend took him to the emergency room at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia. The victim reportedly called sheriff’s deputies from the ER. Fortunately, his injuries weren’t life threatening. The homeowner also was later treated in the same ER for facial bruises from the fight.

No arrests were made immediately but the News Tribune indicated that a charge against the homeowner for suspicion of assault could be likely.

KOMO News reports that Thurston County deputies also responded to the residence where the fight occurred on an assault call, and the homeowner claimed he shot his roommate in self defense. Detectives are conducting a further investigation.

[Image by Shutterstock]