‘Vampire Diaries’ Spoiler Alerts: ‘We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street’

The Vampire Diariesspoilers fans will witness a flash back to the 1940s in a World War II–era themed episode. In the Season 4 Episode 8 , “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street” viewers will meet one of Damon’s past loves. Damon being Damon, probably did chose a sassy woman who will boast a bit of spunky behavior throughout the new episode.

Charlotte (played by Madeline Zima) plays Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) old flame. The Salvatore brothers journey back to New Orleans to try and find Charlotte. Although the lovely lady from the 1940s could be an elderly human woman, all signs point to her being another vampire, according to Wet Paint.

Damon and Stefan are still hoping to find the newbie hunter and alas a possible cure for “vampirism” so the Elena (Nina Dobrev) can return to her former self. Hopefully Damon did not end his relationship with Charlotte so harshly that she refused to help the duo if she does indeed possess some necessary information about hunting hunters.

Mystic Falls will become a winter wonderland just before The Vampire Diaries holiday hiatus, according to Zap2it. Although it will look a lot like Christmas in the land of the vampires, the final show before break is not expected to feature a merry theme. The supposedly gorgeous set is a backdrop from what a show insider refers to as a “crazy, crazy episode.”

Vampire Diaries does not air on Thanksgiving night, so fans will have to wait another week to see Damon’s reaction when Stefan (Paul Wesley) tells him that Elena is now a single lady. Little brother supposedly tells his sibling to try and pretend like the news is not the best thing he has heard in a couple centuries, Examiner notes. Elena allegedly tells Damon they need to talk. Will Elena profess her feelings for the dark-haired Salvatore, or will she tell him she needs time alone after ending things with Stefan?