Amal Clooney Speaks About ISIS At UN, Calls To Investigate Alleged Genocide

Amal Clooney is a modern day Wonder Woman, it seems. The human rights barrister, soon-to-be mother of twins and wife of Hollywood superstar George Clooney, has not slowed up at all when it comes to her fight against ISIS since she and George announced they are expecting twins. The beauty appeared at the UN this week to speak about her work and attempts to bring ISIS members to justice for the genocide they have allegedly been responsible for during their fight.

People notes Amal’s words from an interview she gave to BBC on Tuesday regarding the subjects she would be focusing on at the UN meeting, speaking about the interaction she had with young women and girls who were brutally raped and mistreated by ISIS fighters. Amal stated, “It’s been the most harrowing testimony I’ve ever heard. We know that it’s genocide. The U.N. has said so.” The barrister described the women as having been ” raped and enslaved by ISIS.”

The Thursday meeting at the UN resulted in Clooney sharing evidence uncovered that makes the genocide accusation nearly indisputable. Amal said, “There are mass graves that are being discovered; just a few days ago in Mosul a huge mass grave that’s thought to have 4,000 bodies in it was discovered and there’s other types of evidence as well.”

Clooney went on to indicate that the terrorist group is one that is organized and documents everything, yet have been careless in leaving documents behind. That meaning that such papers are also admissible evidence. The publication notes Amal’s words as stating, “ISIS is actually a big bureaucracy, believe it or not, and they are leaving behind documents. You need to collect DNA, you need to collect phone records. And none of that is being done at the moment.”

Following reminders of damning evidence and the horrors that ISIS victims who survived, Clooney goes on and asks the obvious questions.

“[I’m] going to ask [UN representatives]: Are the crimes not serious enough for you to investigate? Well, that can’t be it. This is genocide. Do you think there is no evidence for you to collect? That’s not right either. There are mass graves whose locations are known. You can start there and there’s plenty of other evidence to collect.”

As stated, Clooney has taken on the case against ISIS, which is not only noble but a very dangerous task. The barrister has represented Nadia Murad specifically in addition. Murad was one of many women enslaved by the terrorist group.

While the Clooneys prepare to welcome their twins, they are both continuing to work but are making less risky choices regarding their travels. George has been active in humanitarian efforts in South Sudan and the Congo, while his wife does her part against terrorism, which has meant that in the past, the two have traveled to these dangerous nations. Clooney recently admitted that he and Amal would be avoiding these nations while they prepare to welcome their little ones.

The baby news came as a surprise to the masses despite ongoing rumors regarding the possibility of a pregnancy. George Clooney had, for the most part, seemed as though he was not entirely sold on the idea of expanding their twosome until mid-2015 when he mentioned that he and Amal were more open to the possibility. From that point, the rumors haven’t stopped so it was easy to shrug the latest one off as another fabrication. Yet, pregnant Amal is.

Although it was easy to be drawn to the site of Clooney’s baby bump and her gorgeous ensemble at the UN appearance, it’s clear that her plight and words should be what the main focus is and Time magazine is taking heat for having tweeted with a focus of the former. Huffington Post relays the tweet that has the twitterverse buzzing.

“‘Amal Clooney shows off her baby bump at the United Nations,’ the tweet read, followed by a link to its sister site Time Motto, where they published an article about Clooney’s pregnancy style.”

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]