‘Gold Rush’ Season 7 Finale, ‘Final Fury’: Fights! Drama! Who Got The Most Gold?

The seventh season finale of Gold Rush, entitled “Final Fury” was a whirlwind of crazy fights, drama, tears and some expectations not met. Which team came up with the most gold? Could Todd Hoffman’s team have turned it all around, after mining in five different claims in two different states? What about the mercurial “Viking,” Tony Beets? He brought his whole family along for a season of big machinery and bigger expectations. Did Tony end up with a big amount of gold? Or did Parker Schnabel succeed in reaching his ambitious goal of 4000 ounces? This season, the Schnabel crew was a lean, hard working staff. In addition, the emotions were high, as Parker found himself mining just a short time after his beloved grandfather, John Schnabel died. To anyone who has not seen the epic two-hour season finale of Gold Rush you are now officially warned: there are spoilers ahead.

The Hoffman crew desperately need to get some gold and finish up the season with some sort of paycheck to bring home. But straight on, there are equipment problems. This means that they need to close down the Sacramento claim and shift Dave Turin to Fairplay.

Dave is none too happy about this and pretty soon, he is in a fight with Trey Poulson. Dave is seen yelling “I’m gonna kill him!” Then the voice of reason, Freddy Dodge asks Dave to “bring the fury down. bring the fury down,” perhaps inspiring the title of this episode “Final Fury.”

Eventually the two men shake hands, but not before Dave hit Trey from behind and the two continued to roll around and fight even longer. Not even Freddy can prevent this from happening. Both Trey and Dave quit the team. But, after some evening campfire heart to heart talking, it sounds like they are back.

Then to add more stress to their very bad season, Rusty Red has broken down. The solution seems clear: clear a path between the two claims to use the good wash plant. This is the only way that they can salvage their miserable season. But winter wins.

Soon, they get to the totals of the week. The Fairplay claim’s total is 57.02 ounces and Sacramento is 133.65 ounces. The most miraculous part of this gold tally is that the season’s total is 1,100.67 ounces, more than their revised goal of 1,000 ounces. Freddy saved the day with the claim in Colorado!

Just this past week, the Inquisitr reported that Todd Hoffman was in Las Vegas with his father Jack at ConExpo talking about the season finale and admitted that he was not proud of his actions in this episode.

Gold Rush viewers may want Todd Hoffman to clarify what exactly he was not proud of in this episode, as he did not seem any more dramatic than most of this chaotic season. It was not that long ago, in Oregon, Todd lost nearly all of his crew when they gave up and abandoned him. Todd had to beg to get them back.

There are still questions as to whether the team is still together. Is it possible that the Hoffman crew has split again? Does this possibly mean that there will be two separate teams, a Dave Turin team and a Todd Hoffman team? And where are the two teams going to mine? Todd and Freddy Dodge seem to like the one way up in the Colorado mountains, but Dave Turin may decide to return to the Klondike.

Or will all stay forgiven and the fury settled down? With a cold winter off, the whole team could be reunited for the next season.

Now it’s time for Tony Beets. The surly “Viking,” has spent most of this season playing with some big time gold mining machinery, and the season finale is no different. He is ready to dismantle the expensive new dredge and put it on the barge, but an emergency letter arrives via courier plane. Wife Minnie is trying to prevent him from moving the dredge to land because they lack that all important land permit.

For such experienced gold miners, this is a bit of a surprise, yet with all of the drama with two different claims and the whole family participating, filling out that important government paperwork just must have not been high enough on the priority list. Looks like this job will need to be done later and in time for Gold Rush Season 8.

After the land permit fiasco, the Beets crew has to deal with the impending winter and frozen wash plant and bucket line. Anywhere there is water it is now rapidly freezing up, and just getting the equipment defrosted is wasting precious daylight. As gold mining needs a good deal of running water, it is clear that gold mining season is going to end really soon.

The good news is that the tally in the dredge is 44.1 ounces and in the thawed out wash plant, 188.96 ounces. This brings the Beets’ family total to 2,2176 ounces. It’s too bad that Tony doesn’t have a swear jar as he could have easily doubled that amount of take home money this season!

Parker starts up the show with huge issues. Winter is rapidly blowing in and it looks like Sluicifer is frozen. Although time is running short, the Creek Cut excavator is kaput because the sun gear is stripped. So, how does Parker solve this? He uses a dozer to get at the pay. The good news is that from Sluicifer, Parker mined 496 ounces of clean gold. Reliable Big Red produced an incredible 440 ounces of beautiful gold.

After this total, it is revealed that Parker Schnabel’s team mined a sweet 4,311 ounces for the entire season! This is an emotional time for Parker. Just a few months ago, he lost John Schnabel, his grandfather and mentor since he was a young boy. After announcing the totals, it is time for a well deserved celebration. Parker gets out the whiskey and in a very bittersweet moment, they toast his beloved grandpa.

This was Parker’s first season without the kind wisdom and experienced leadership of his grandfather, Though he experienced some adversity, Parker Schnabel managed to meet his goal and get more gold than the Hoffman crew. Parker also got more gold than the Beets crew, although Tony’s wealth increased with Parker’s success as he owns the land and gets a nice percentage of money from Parker’s hard work.

That’s not the only great thing going for Parker. According to People, he, along with Rick Ness will have their three-part series Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail! In the series, Schnabel, Ness, along with wilderness guide Karla Ann and cameraperson James Levelle will all be heading out on the legendary Klondike Gold Rush trail.

“I want to test myself against my grandpa and against the pioneers that came before him.”

It is a surprise that mechanic Mitch Blaschke is not joining them on this epic adventure. But, it is possible that the newlywed wants to spend some time with his new bride. As for Parker, this new show and new adventure is another way to bring himself closer to his beloved grandfather.

“It’s just my way of having a bit of tribute to my grandpa.”

The new three-part, “docu-series” Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail begins airing on March 31 on Discovery.

Did you watch the Gold Rush Season 7 Season Finale “Final Fury”? Did you predict who would get the most gold? Do you think the Hoffman crew should stay in Colorado? Share your thoughts and opinions about the season finale below!

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