Lakers Rumors and News: Rob Pelinka Promises Changes, Young Core Disassembled?

Los Angeles Lakers rumors and news will flourish in the coming months after the hiring of Rob Pelinka as the team’s new general manager. Pelinka, during his introductory press conference Friday, made it clear that he will be a busy executive and changes are going to happen.

For the past three seasons, the Lakers have performed poorly despite the young talents and reliable veterans they acquired. The 2016-17 NBA season is turning out to be similar to those. They had an excellent start but after going 10-10, it became a downhill ride.

Currently, the Lakers are last in the Western Conference with a 20-45 record. This is terrible news for the fans of the purple and gold because once again, their beloved team is missing the playoffs.

The failure to be contenders in previous years led to the recent hiring of Lakers legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jr. as president of basketball operations. It did not stop there as earlier this week, Pelinka, Kobe Bryant’s longtime agent, was named the GM.

In Lakers rumors and news, new general manager Rob Pelinka was introduced to the media Friday.

As reported by, in Pelinka’s time talking to the media, he sounded focused on his goal of bringing back the former glory of the Lakers. The 47-year-old aims to emulate what the late Jerry Buss did to the franchise while also accepting the challenge of Jeanie Buss.

The Orange County Register highlighted Pelinka’s willingness to make moves. This is good news since the Lakers’ ex-GM, Mitch Kupchak, was hesitant when it comes to altering the roster. Pelinka wants to “get better talent” to help first-year head coach Luke Walton. Trying to turn things around for a struggling organization is a difficult task that is why a timetable was not provided.

Pelinka’s year will start when the regular season is over. During this time, they can assess the roster and seek the players needed. There is a strong possibility the future moves will involve some of the youngsters of the Lakers.

The Lakers’ young core is a hot topic in rumors for months now. D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, and Larry Nance, Jr. are regulars in trade discussions. Despite all the rumors surrounding this unit, the Lakers are holding on to it but with a new GM on board, a disbandment might occur soon.

Late in February, ahead of the NBA trade deadline, Lakers rumors and news stated that the team was close to acquiring DeMarcus Cousins. They did not do it because the Sacramento Kings wanted Ingram. If Pelinka was already in charge at that time, they might have pulled the trigger.

The Los Angeles Sports Hub listed what the Lakers must do now. One of these sees them trading either Ingram or Randle to improve their chances of selecting UCLA star Lonzo Ball in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Another suggested move the Lakers should execute following the addition of Pelinka is trading at least one of their players that have hefty contracts. Once this is done, they will have the cap space to sign “big names” who are soon-to-be free agents.

Whatever the next step is for the Lakers and their new front office, it will always include the potential scenario of tearing up their young core. The likes of Russell, Ingram, and Randle are talented, but there is a reason why they are never leaving trade rumors and news.

In Lakers rumors and news, a member of the young core might get moved with Rob Pelinka taking over at the GM position.

The Lakers’ young core made it to the news plenty of times due to its development and how the members of it gel on the court. As of this moment, it is doing good for them and brings hope for the future, still, it is not enough to catapult them to playoff contention and the title picture.

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