Owen and Kate’s Breakup Unravels

It looks like Owen Wilson’s not taking any time to recover after splitting up with Kate Hudson! I was more shocked because it seems like they’d been together nonstop, but it was actually just two/three months after their last reconciliation.

If the stories are true, I don’t blame Kate for not putting up with Owen’s sh*t, though: it looks like he’s a freak in bed, into threesomes, and trying to get with every hot chick in sight. We’re talking threesomes with Vince Vaughn, no less…

Plus, People mag did released a recent story about Owen getting back into the game right after the breakup:

Wilson [had] been spotted letting loose… on May 11, [when he] dropped by N.Y.C.’s Upstairs with two women. The late-night outing was followed by a visit to Butter the next night, where he chatted up a sexy blonde.

Says a Hudson source: “She feels dumb thinking it was so serious.”

There go the engagement rumors, once and for all! I’m not sure how to approach this subject delicately, but perhaps Owen’s fam & friends should make sure he’s okay. Just in case, well, you know.