Samantha Bee Apology ‘Not Good Enough’ For Conservatives

Samantha Bee has had a turbulent week since her Wednesday night (March 8) episode of Full Frontal in which a narrator identified a Stage IV cancer patient at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as having “Nazi hair.”

Bee and her staff were unaware of his medical condition. After issuing an apology on Twitter and donating $1,000 to the patient’s medical treatments, however, she has still not satisfied some of her conservative critics.

Fox News analyst Joe Concha appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight Friday (March 10) to share what he believes to be the “real problem” with Samantha Bee.

“Why was it okay to call him a Nazi when he couldn’t defend himself?” Concha said, adding that Full Frontal is a “very hateful show, but it’s what late night has become unfortunately.”

Concha railed against Samantha Bee for putting a 20-year-old college student of any kind on her national television show and tying the Nazi label to a hairstyle.

“Here are the consequences of what could happen. He either brushes it off or goes in another direction, possibly hurting himself or worse,” Concha said, referencing a Rutgers University student who was outed as gay and promptly committed suicide.

Concha is referring to a 2011 case, reported here by The Guardian, in which Tyler Clementi, was outed by a college friend at Rutgers. He took his own life by jumping from the George Washington Bridge the next day.

In light of the life-and-death stakes, Concha said, what Samantha Bee did was a “half-baked apology” and she should have picked up the phone and called “instead of a stupid tweet.”

Carlson observed the joke “doesn’t seem very funny” and wondered if this “is the state of late night — political lectures instead of jokes?”

The two then riffed briefly on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show election night special coming across as more of a funeral service before bringing it back to Samantha Bee.

Concha criticized Bee for calling for diversity in hiring, once remarking that MSNBC needed to hire more African-American women.

“I started wondering how many black women work on Full Frontal, so I did a little research,” Concha said, quizzing Carlson if he knew. “Out of 33, guess how many are African-American women — one. She’s preaching diversity and is one for 33.”

On Friday night’s Hannity, conservative rising star Tomi Lahren piled on to the conservative furor over the Samantha Bee episode, making the point to liberal commentator Jessica Tarlov that if a conservative host had done what Samantha Bee did in airing the segment, the left would be demanding resignation or termination.

Hannity offered that conservatives live with a “very clear and present danger” because of “snowflakes” who set out to find some verbal miscue.

“They will then try to go after your advertisers and shut you down,” Hannity added.

The cancer patient at the center of the segment, Kyle Coddington, had similar views to Bee’s efforts.

“It’s kind of a half-apology I would say. The effects of this go much further than just me and an illness itself. It’s just inconsiderate and unprofessional to lump together people with a certain hairstyle for the way they look,” Coddington said in comments to Fox & Friends.

Since issuing a $1,000 donation to Coddington’s GoFundMe account and also issuing a tweet with an apology to Coddington, Bee and the Full Frontal team have not offered any further comment.

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