Bill Maher Prompts Anthony Weiner And Other 'Disgraced Dems' To Take On Trump

Bill Maher is putting a call out to the "liberal bad boys," like Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, and John Edwards, to take on President Donald Trump in an attempt to reign in his inflated ego. Maher believes that in comparison to Trump's indiscretions, the behavior of Weiner, Spitzer, and Edwards is no big deal, but also, the three bad boy Dems have nothing to lose.

Anthony Weiner is the latest "liberal bad boy" to find himself in trouble with his wife, Huma Abedin, and also, potentially, with the law, as he has admitted to sexting with a 15-year-old girl, says the Inquisitr. Weiner is under investigation for the sexting, but also in reference to the shared computers in the home he once shared with Huma Abedin and their son. After the disaster that was the documentary Weiner, and his lost mayoral race, Anthony Weiner is said to be unemployable.

Too Fab says that Bill Maher believes that at this time, the "liberal bad boys" like Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, and John Edwards, all notorious for running around on their respective wives, should step up and help put Donald Trump in his place.


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On his HBO show Real Time, Bill Maher didn't hold back, comparing the crimes of Weiner, Spitzer, and Edwards to the misdeeds of Trump, and he says there is no comparison.

"New rule: if the new normal is a president who has bragged about sexual assault and walking in on naked teenage beauty pageant contestants, and who has spoken lustfully about his own daughter and once said of a fifth grader, 'I'm going to date her in 10 years,' tell me again why someone like Eliot Spitzer is so terrible?"
Maher says that the trifecta of Weiner, Spitzer, and Edwards, all of whom have acknowledged they went astray, could easily trade barbs with Trump.
"We don't have the luxury any more to mess around with milquetoast Democratic politicians who don't move people. As ridiculous as Trump is, he does come off as an alpha -- that's why he paints his face the color of a baboon's a**."
The Wrap says that Bill Maher believes that the left has it's own "loudmouth, kick a** New Yorker who is up all night on social media" and that would be Anthony Weiner, who Maher claims has nothing better to do. And as his back-up, former Governor Eliot Spitzer could also throw down with Trump. Spitzer was revealed to be caught up in a hooker scandal, which Maher says is hardly a crime, and if it is, it's a victimless one.
"Actually, a guy whose big crime is that he got a hooker, doesn't even send that message enough… which is why we need this guy. Yeah, Anthony Weiner. Yes, another Jew who likes to pork."
Bill Maher says that while Anthony Weiner was up all night sexting and exchanging photos of his private parts to women other than his wife, President Trump picks fights all night on Twitter.
"Hey, you know what? At least when Weiner is playing with his phone at 3 a.m., he's looking for love — Trump is starting a Twitter war with the Lands' End catalog. Let's not forget that Weiner fought like a pit bull for liberal causes and could have been the voice of the party if not for a mistake he made one time. OK, two times. Three. What does it matter how many times?!"
Do you think Bill Maher has a point? Do you think the misdeeds of Weiner and Spitzer are better or worse than Trump's?

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