April The Giraffe New Photos And Interview, Watch Live Cam [Video]

April the giraffe remains an internet viral sensation and there are new photos along with an interview to keep viewers updated on her progress. April is a 15-year-old pregnant reticulated giraffe that lives at the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) in Harpursville, New York, with her 5-year-old mate Oliver “Ollie.” AAP owner Jordan Patch held an interview earlier today with the Weather Channel where he answered many questions on air and provided the latest update on April’s condition. You can hear that interview in the video player below. Patch began live streaming April in her stall and in February the cam went viral. You can watch the live giraffe cam as well as other important videos and updates provided by Patch below.

Wach April the Giraffe Live Cam

April the Giraffe Morning Update March 13, 2017

On Monday morning, March 13, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park provided the latest update on April the giraffe. April is still pregnant and there are no signs her labor is imminent. There had been previous false flags and a miscalculation on April’s due date. It is possible that April’s pregnncy will continue into the month of April. Here is a quote from the morning update along with the full post that includes a beautiful photo of April believed to have been taken on her first day at the AAP.

“3/13 Morning Update

We start another week without a calf! There is no question that April is looking larger than ever. Morning keeper check reports active kicking and noticeable growth/drop in belly.”

April the Giraffe Morning Update March 12, 2017

The morning update for March 12, 2017, addressed the controversy that ensued when the AAP announced April had not shed wax caps or her udders leaked milk as previously believed. The condition of April’s udders is vitally important to predicting when labor will begin as the wax caps will shed prio to the onset of labor. The AAP included a photo of April’s udders and despite the controversy, many agree that watching the live streaming cam featuring April is an educational and learning opportunity. Here is a quote from the morning update followed by the full post with the photo of April’s udders.

“3/12 Morning Update

April and Oliver remain inside during our horrendous cold spell.

April continues to be in great condition. Today, we have posted the shot from underneath, to show you our keeper’s perspective. Wax caps are present and udder appears to possibly have more content – another few days of comparative photo will confirm changes.
Giraffes do not “bag out” like cows, goats, pigs, or other animals in lactation. It is a very subtle fill and development.

Significant baby/belly movement this early morning (3-4am) and again around 7 am.”

April the Giraffe Morning Update March 11, 2017

On March 11, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park provided an update regarding April the giraffe’s current condition. There have been no significant changes that signify labor is approaching and she is not producing milk yet. It’s been stated that the timeline and due date for April is wrong and at this point, labor can begin anywhere from now to the month of April. Physical and behavioral changes are what staff and veterinarian Dr. Tim look for to determine how close April is to delivery. Active labor begins once calf hooves are visible. At that point, the AAP will host a second, live cam on Facebook in addition to the YouTube live stream. The Facebook Live video will show the birth from a different angle than what is seen on YouTube. Here is the current morning update along with a quote and a wonderful photo of Jordan Patch feeding Oliver and April at the Animal Adventure Park.

“3/11 Morning Update

Brrrrrrrrrr! Single digits have settled in our area, but the giraffe barn remains a warm retreat for the giraffes and our keepers!
To combat the extended stay indoors, enrichment does increase for our animals – and this week we will begin to move some of that enrichment into view of the web cam so you can see just how much (or little) interest our giraffes have in their toys!

April continues to do great, Keepers noted no significant changes this morning in physical appearance. We are watching the udder closely, as we wait for milk to fill the area. When our keepers bend down to look underneath, they snap a photo for development comparison.”

The news that April is not producing milk has stirred controversy with some of the viewers who were under the impression April was already leaking milk and had wax caps, signifying an imminent birth. In the comment section of the March 11, 2017, morning update, the AAP addressed the confusion and requests for photos of April’s udders so those who felt they had veterinarian experience could observe April themselves.

“There was a discharge from the udder and a prior capping. Which is what prompted earlier thoughts of an impending birth. We were told this at times happens and is considered a “flush”. We almost did post an udder pick today – but thought wiser to not have the many “experts” weigh in.”

Animal Adventure Park Interview with Jordan Patch and the Weather Channel

Jordan spoke by phone and answered many questions the public has continued to ask. First asked was if Patch knew when the calf would be born. In a previous update, Patch stated that April’s due date could be off by as much as 34 days which would put a potential due date in the first week of April. As giraffes have a fertility cycle that runs every 17 days, it is unclear whether April conceived in the first week of November, middle of November, or even December 2015. Giraffes have a gestation period of approximately 15 months. You can watch the full video interview with Patch and the Weather Channel below.

Another question asked was if April could have her baby on April Fool’s Day, or April 1, 2017. He shared that it’s possible as they do not have an exact due date or timeline for the birth of April’s calf. He also addressed the use of an ultrasound and stated they don’t have a mobile ultrasound capable of penetrating April’s tough epidermis. He assured the listening audience that April is really pregnant, despite not having an ultrasound image of the giraffe calf. He also stated that many people watching the live giraffe cam along with April’s handlers and veterinarian Dr. Tim have observed the giraffe calf moving and kicking within April’s womb. On March 10, 2017, Dr. Tim examined April as he does every day. You can watch the video of Dr. Tim’s examination in the video below.

April the Giraffe Kicks Dr. Tim

Could April the Giraffe Hold Out Until April Fool’s Day?

April the Giraffe Evening Update for March 10, 2017

The Animal Adventure Park updates include plenty of exciting photos of April the giraffe. In tonight’s evening photo, there is a wonderful picture of April’s face up against the stall with her tongue out. The photo is a great depiction of April’s character and personality. There is no sign of active labor, but her stomach continues to get larger, indicating the baby is growing in a healthy manner. Here is the full evening update for March 10, 2017, along with a quote.

“3/10 Evening Update

“Both Keeper & Vet reports bring no significant changes. Of course, April’s Belly is large and active, but no discharge or other pressing signs of any drastic changes.

“Appetites have been strong! In fact – when our Vet stopped in today — he captured this photo…as if April demands a “toll” before entering her stall for an exam! He can’t even get the stall door unlocked before the first “payment” is due!”

April the Giraffe Morning Update for March 10, 2017

In Friday’s morning update, the AAP included more photos of April’s belly. The photos captured moments where the giraffe calf was kicking April from within. Those who watch the live giraffe cam often remark on witnessing the baby move. Check out the photos included in the morning update for March 10, 2017, along with a quote.

“3/10 Morning Update

“The keeper team was elated this morning to have captured the calf kicking out! Though hard to see in the pictures; baby “waved” hello this early A.M.

“April continues to have us all on edge; when will it be – we just don’t know! All physical signs show we are ready for “launch sequence”. So, we continue to patiently wait.”

April the Giraffe: Signs of Labor

Are you watching the live giraffe cam and anxiously awaiting the birth of April the giraffe’s calf? Do you have a time when you hope the baby is born?

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