‘Seinfeld’s’ Jason Alexander Appears With Son In ‘Dinner With Dad’ For Freeform

With the exception of the occasional appearance on Match Game or other TV game shows, there haven’t been many sightings of former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander in recent years. Fortunately for fans, he appears in a new series of shorts for Freeform and he’s not working alone. Alexander’s real life son, Gabe Greenspan, is along for the ride.

Dinner with Dad is a new digital short-form series with a very simple concept. A young actor meets his father for dinner each week at a local restaurant to get caught up on what is going on in each of their lives, and viewers get to eavesdrop on their conversations. Though Jason and Gabe will essentially be playing themselves, Dinner with Dad isn’t a reality show. The 10-minute long sitcom series is scripted and each actor tends to exaggerate their personalities a bit for humor’s sake. As you can imagine, as the son of Jason Alexander, Gabe knows how to express himself just fine.

Jason Alexsnder and Gabe Greenspan

Following in dad’s footsteps, Gabe Greenspan is a Los Angeles-based actor performing with The Idiot Chimney (which can be seen below) and the improv group, Merlin. Greenspan has also taught circus at the French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts for the last three years. While Gabe has his own personality, you can definitely see a little of his father in him as they banter back and forth in the restaurant booth.

Dinner with Dad is not the first show where Jason Alexander has played himself. He did a similar alternative version of himself for five episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Though Alexander has appeared on Broadway and in numerous TV shows and movies, he is best known for playing Jerry Seinfeld’s negative buddy, George Costanza. This is also the subject of one of the new series’ episodes, “No Actresses Allowed.” In the episode, Jason meets Gabe’s female friend, Katie Stevens (from The Bold Type), who appears to know next to nothing about Alexander’s acting career including Seinfeld. Feeling snubbed, Jason advises Gabe not to date other actors.

There are eight episodes created for the short-form digital series, which begins airing March 10 on Freeform.com, the Freeform App, and the TV service Hulu. The other episodes include:

  • “Late For Dinner”
    Jason worries that Gabe’s “chronic” lateness will become a blemish on both of their careers and reputations.
  • “Naked Dinner”
    Gabe seeks Jason’s advice on whether or not he should accept a stage role that requires full frontal nudity.
  • “Movie Dinner”
    Gabe confronts Jason as to why he isn’t being considered for the role of Jason’s son in an upcoming movie.
  • “Dinner in Vegas”
    Jason cannot understand why Gabe doesn’t want him to come along on the Las Vegas weekend he is planning with his friends.
  • “Sandwich for Dinner”
    Jason tries to make Gabe understand why he is so offended that the deli hasn’t created a celebrity-named sandwich with his name.
  • “Wigged-Out Dinner”
    Gabe is shocked and concerned when Jason decides that the solution to his career problems is to start wearing a toupee in public.
  • “Love Life Dinner”
    When Gabe is too intimidated to talk to their attractive waitress, Jason decides to “manage” Gabe’s romantic life.


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Jason Alexander and Gabe Greenspan

Jay Scott Greenspan, better known as Jason Alexander, has been married to his wife, Daena E. Title, since May 31, 1982. The couple have two sons, Gabe and Noah.

[Featured Image by Freeform]