‘Library Girl’ Kendra Sunderland Spotted On Tinder

There is a reason why you won’t see celebrities and other rich beautiful people on Tinder. There’s reportedly a version of the popular dating app that’s specifically for the elite. It could be one of the reasons why you can’t find celebrities on Tinder.

According to TechCrunch, Tinder has a members-only version of the dating app called Tinder Select, which is for the elite crowd on the app. It also includes CEOs, supermodels, and other affluent types.

An inside source told the outlet that the dating app is only “for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder.”

Tinder has slowly rolled out the Select platform and has invited certain people to its new dating app. It’s not clear how Tinder selects its users, but the common theme is that they choose rich and attractive people. Users can choose between Tinder and Tinder Select since Select has a much smaller dating pool.

tinder for rich people

Tinder Select has been around for six months. This means that Tinder may have chosen not to publicly announce the dating service since they don’t want to upset its other users.

Kendra Sunderland has been spotted on Tinder. It’s not clear whether she’s also on the Select app. She became an overnight sensation when she performed a live streaming show on MyFreeCams, an adult site where webcam models strip and chat with users who watch them in real time. Sunderland performed a solo sex show from the university library at Oregon State University which was recorded without her consent.

The video was uploaded to Pornhub and Yik Yak and then immediately went viral on social media. Kendra was then nicknamed “Library Girl” due to the popularity of the video. She was also arrested for public indecency and fined for over $1,000.

She performed her first show on the adult chat site in October 2014 for $150 for about an hour’s work. Kendra earned about $700 for less than two hours work when she filmed inside the public place.

At first, she wanted to become a counselor and took a few classes in human development. Then she lost interest again and planned to become an accountant. She quickly lost interest in her business and economics classes. During her fall semester, Sunderland applied to over a dozen waitressing jobs and never heard back.

She dropped out of college and started working on MyFreeCams up to five times per week.

“Working a minimum wage job, there’s people that are just mean to you when they’re having a crappy day,” she told the Daily News. “On MyFreeCams, (users) had nothing but nice things to say. And I made way more than I would working any other job.”

Kendra has been in an open relationship with her boyfriend for the past few years. She claims she’s single now but he still pops up on her Instagram account every so often. One guy revealed that he went out on a date with the model after they conversed on Tinder.

kendra sunderland on tinder

The man realizes where he’s seen the blonde bombshell before and pulls out his phone. He is immediately taken to one of Sunderland’s many adult videos. She makes her living as an adult star, sex toy entrepreneur, and model for Vixen Angels, reports The Chive.

He shared a snapshot of Kendra along with a graphic photo he found of her on his phone during their date at Chili’s. Little else is known about their date. It’s not known if there was a second date.

That hasn’t stopped her from opening up about her frustrations with Tinder. She has since taken to Twitter to express her frustrations with the dating app.

Sunderland may be better suited for Tinder Select since she has sure met her share of frogs on the dating app.

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