Baker Mayfield Video: Drunk Oklahoma Quarterback Curses And Runs, Cops Slam Him

The video below of University of Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is getting plenty of views across plenty of websites, after the video of Baker’s arrest was recently released. The melee occurred in February in Fayetteville, Arkansas, but Fayetteville police recently released video of Mayfield’s arrest and viewers are reacting to the hard hit taken by the University of Oklahoma star quarterback. As reported by Fox23, Baker was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication, and the video first shows police speaking with Mayfield and warning him about his language. At one point, Mayfield begins to run away slowly from the cops but is quickly tackled hard against the concrete by police.

Warning: The following video of Baker Mayfield’s arrest contains language and circumstances that might be disturbing to viewers.

According to TMZ, Mayfield’s arrest happened on February 25, with police attempting to ask him about a previous event that occurred earlier that night. However, Mayfield apparently did not want to talk about that incident, because he soon attempted to take off and run and that’s when the cops quickly took down the football star.

Mayfield screamed expletives at the cops after they took him down against the low concrete wall. Along with the public intoxication charge, Mayfield was hit with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and charges for fleeing the scene.

Mayfield would eventually apologize for the events shown in the viral video, with him claiming that he embarrassed his family, friends, Oklahoma teammates, and the university’s fans with his behavior the night he was arrested.

As seen in the tweet above from Dylan Buckingham, a reporter for KFOR, the notes from the police report about Baker Mayfield’s arrest claim that the melee started around 2:29 a.m. on February 25, when an officer was flagged down at the intersection of Dickson and West. The person who flagged down the officer wanted police to file a report for assault and battery. According to the police report, the man that flagged down the cop was yelling at Mayfield. The police officer asked Mayfield to remain at the scene so that the officer could take his statement about an altercation that he claimed he tried to break up before the police officer arrived. The cop claimed that Mayfield was screaming, cursing, and “causing a scene.” Authorities noted that Mayfield was drunk and had a hard time walking down two stairs, and had slurred speech. The cop stated that Baker Mayfield smelled like alcohol.

“The front of Mayfield’s clothing was covered in food.”

When the officer claimed that he told Baker Mayfield to come to him, that’s when he began to walk away from the officer, claims the police report. The officer said he told him to stop repeatedly, but that’s when Mayfield started to sprint away and was tackled to the ground. Even while on the ground, Mayfield was disobedient, according to the police report, with Mayfield not agreeing to put his hands behind his back. Instead, the report claims that Baker Mayfield kept his arms tightly locked and would not allow police to put his arms behind him. The officer was eventually able to place Mayfield’s arms behind his back and handcuff him.

As expected, the tackling of the quarterback by cops is bringing quite a few comments on social media like the ones below.

: “Baker Mayfield got smoked by a cop with a nice open field tackle.”

: “The Baker Mayfield arrest video surfaces… 3 Fayetteville cops get invited to an NFL Pro-Day.”

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