Chris Brown Tells Haters To 'Grow Up' After Karrueche Tran Court Date Delay

Chris Brown is speaking out via social media following the news that ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran's court date concerning her temporary restraining order against him has been postponed until later this month.

Reports of Karrueche's court date delay emerged on Thursday after the actress' attorneys, Patrick Blood and Michelle Trigger, revealed to E! News that the reason for the postponement stems from the fact that Chris Brown has yet to be officially served with paperwork regarding Tran's request for an extended restraining order against him after filing for a temporary order late last month.

Chris Brown responds to the news of his and Karrueche Tran's court date postponement.
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Speaking to the site on Thursday, Karrueche's attorneys explained that while the delay in the court proceedings would not affect the model's temporary restraining order against Brown, which extends until her new court date on March 29, Tran is eager to put tumultuous situation behind her in order to "move on with her life."

"Ms. Tran is looking to expeditiously close this matter and quite frankly be able to move on with her life and put this matter behind her as quickly as possible," the actress' attorney revealed, adding, "We have no other comment at this time."

In response to Karrueche and her attorney's statements concerning the delay in court proceedings, Chris Brown took to Instagram to respond to several blog and fan comments regarding the updated case while encouraging fans to look beyond the "negative" press that has plagued him since the filing of Karrueche's temporary restraining order last month.


"Not wit da extras," Chris Brown began in response to a post shared by Baller Alert. "Hope y'all have a good day. *praying hands emoji* *heart emoji*. I wish the best for her as well as everyone who is so invested in this negative s***."

Similarly, after one fan reposted Chris Brown's response to the news of the delay in Karrueche's court proceedings, the "Party" singer opted to reply directly to the fan with a note that encourages his followers to not "stop being fans of other people because of the headlines."

Chris Brown says he
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"Go request party and get your tickets to the show," Chris Brown revealed, via a screengrab from Instagram user @chriscomments. "Let's get focused and if y'all f*** wit me y'all know what it is."

Brown continued, "IM SINGLE AND TRYING TO BE THE BEST. So don't be involved wit s*** that will bring u down. Time for everyone to grow up. And don't stop being fans of other people because of the headlines. It doesn't have to be us vs. them. Be who you are and wanna be *heart emoji*."

This isn't the first time that Chris Brown has spoken out in defense of his character since the news of Karrueche Tran's restraining order against him surfaced in late February.


Last week, Chris Brown took to Instagram to combat recent reports suggesting that he's suffering from drug abuse and violent behavior after one of his alleged former employees reportedly began leaking "secrets" about his history of drug abuse and struggles with bipolar disorder to the press.

"Y'all got to stop with this angry s***, going through drugs and all this other s***," Chris Brown explained in a series of Instagram videos, as captured by Holly Gozzip. "I'm tired of reading about some s*** as soon as I got something popping. As soon as I wanna promote a tour or party, a f****** album, anything, y'all bring up something."

Similarly, Chris Brown further addressed the media's ongoing obsession with his dating life, revealing in a second Instagram video that people continually criticize his decision to be seen with a plethora of different girls since splitting from ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran in 2015.

"Y'all are concerned with what girl I'm talking to or what person I'm dating or who I'm seeing…I'll be seen with whoever I want to be seen with. Just like you can be. People can be who they want to be," Chris Brown explained before showing off his growing collection of foreign sports cars, "I am not hurting out here, trust me."

What do you think of Chris Brown's response to the news of his and Karrueche Tran's court date delay concerning her restraining order against him?

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