Donald Trump Has Something On His Face: Mysterious Mark On Skin Brings Questions

President Donald Trump is often a subject in the news, such as when Mr. Trump recently talked about the new so-called “Trumpcare” healthcare plan with key chairmen and members of the House Committee. As seen in the above photo from Friday, March 10, President Trump was photographed up close as Mr. Trump gave brief statements prior to his meeting with House of Representatives committee leaders.

Whereas the talk about the American Health Care Act was a major portion of the discussion in the Roosevelt Room at the White House, the new photos brought a whole new set of curious questions about a seemingly new mark on President Trump’s left cheek, as seen in the above photo and some photos below.

As seen in the above image from March 10, President Trump looked in the direction of the photographer, Chip Somodevilla with Getty Images, who was able to capture the mysterious mark on the left cheek of Mr. Trump. The slight discoloration of the mark on President Trump’s cheek made it more apparent and left folks wondering if perhaps President Trump had simply cut himself shaving or experienced what many others experience when dealing with a bout of acne or some other skin anomaly.

Mr. Trump’s longterm doctor claimed that the president took Finasteride, which is more commonly known as Propecia, marketed to treat male-pattern baldness, as reported by the New York Times.

As reported by Google suggestions, “Propecia skin rash” is one of the suggestions that accompanies the term Propecia. Finasteride side effects, according to, include changes to the skin that can include skin rashes, itchy skin, as well as welts or hives on the skin. Other undesirable side effects of the hair-growth drug are listed as rapid weight gain, skin redness, and lip and face swelling.

The mysterious mark did not appear on Mr. Trump’s face as recently as one week ago, on Friday, March 3, as seen in the above photo. On that day, President Trump was photographed as he arrived via Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Florida.

However, the photos from one week later, like the one directly above, show a difference in the facial appearance of President Trump during the meeting on healthcare.

Whether President Trump wore any type of cover up or concealer as a means of concealing the facial mark isn’t known, but it’s a popular tactic used by plenty of beauty experts and makeup aficionados on YouTube that instruct lots of followers on how to conceal acne marks or other facial scars.

One such male beauty vlogger gained buzz for the manner in which he used makeup to cover blemishes, as reported by Cosmopolitan. The publication sat up and took notice at the acne-covering methods.

Any fears or rumors of Mr. Trump having cancer were debunked by Snopes, at least the one about President Trump allegedly suffering from a brain tumor. Other fake news reports about President Trump suffering from skin cancer have yet to be formally debunked by the website.

However, along with plenty of commentary about President Trump’s penchant for tanned skin comes new concern about the latest photos to emerge, and what at all — if anything — the photos could reveal about the president’s health. With Mr. Trump being photographed often, nearly on a daily basis, the questions will likely continue throughout his entire presidency in a social media world that tends to examine every detail. Combined with advanced cameras with long lenses that capture every detail, the buzz will likely go on.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]