Nicki Minaj ‘No Frauds’ Lyrics Wage War On Remy Ma’s ‘shETHER,’ ‘Another One’

The Nicki Minaj “No Frauds” lyrics make one thing clear: she definitely had time to listen to Remy Ma‘s one-two punch of diss tracks “shETHER” and “Another One” this week.

Warning: All songs in this post contain strong language.

Some may accuse the two women of collaborating for some press attention, but Nicki gets personal and brutal on Remy in “No Frauds.” To understand just how callous the song’s lyrics are, one has to look back at Minaj and Ma’s history.

Nicki and Remy have been at war for nearly a decade, both being New York rappers who were reportedly friends before Minaj started to blow up around the end of the 2000s. Ma was personally offended by a line in the lyrics of her old pal’s song “Dirty Money” that told the “b***h with the crown to run it like Chris Brown,” a reference to the the target’s signature accessory.

Incensed, Remy told Nicki that she had better stop with the barbed lyrics. Adding fuel to the fire, it was also around this time that rumors started to float that Ma and Minaj had been a couple at one point. Both women rejected the assertion that they had been anything more than just friends, but that didn’t stop it from becoming an integral part of the pop culture myth that sprouted from the growing feud.

Then, just as Nicki started to skyrocket into the mainstream, Remy was taken off the scene altogether. Ma was arrested by the authorities in relation to a shooting that took place outside of a pizza parlor in Brooklyn over a few thousand dollars that were allegedly stolen from her by the victim. She was eventually convicted on assault and illegal weapon possession, tough memories from her past that Minaj makes references to in the “No Frauds” lyrics. Perhaps the most biting line of the whole track references the child the imprisoned rapper left outside: “What type of mother leave her one son over a stack?”

Nicki Minaj "No Frauds" lyrics Remy Ma shETHER Another One

The sharp-tongued “No Frauds” didn’t come out of nowhere though. Even though Remy said that the beef was over both while she was in prison and when she got out, she almost immediately started chomping at Nicki by rapping over Minaj’s “Truffle Butter” beat with her own lyrics, which the chart-topping rapper responded to with swipes in guest verses on two songs earlier this year.

Ma hardly tip-toed around Nicki’s own sensitive controversies when she fired back with “shETHER” and “Another One” this month. Remy mocked Minaj’s rumored bad plastic surgery, including an alleged incident that former lover Meek Mills reportedly told her about when she was unable to have sex with him because her butt implants popped. She later goes on to call her a coke addict and disparage her as less hard than Ma herself. The rapper finished off the lyrics to “shETHER” by calling the subject’s brother a pedophile and accusing Nicki of enabling him.

As usual, Nicki spits fast enough on “No Frauds” that it can be easy to miss the high-level shade that’s being thrown at Remy throughout the track. The lyrics to Minaj’s diss of Ma can be read here.

Nicki Minaj "No Frauds" lyrics Remy Ma shETHER Another One

Do you think the Nicki Minaj “No Frauds” lyrics buried Remy Ma’s “Another One” and “shETHER,” or is this rap battle not over yet?

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