Trevor Noah Trashes Donald Trump And GOP On ‘The Daily Show’

Trevor Noah, whose ratings have increased since Donald Trump was elected, once again used The Daily Show to bash the current president. The Huffington Post has the news.

“Trevor Noah has been studying President Donald Trump’s popularity in the polls. ‘If you don’t count most people, Donald Trump’s ratings are at a record high,’ he explained Thursday on The Daily Show. The reason people really like Trump is simple. He’s not trying to be the president of everybody, Noah said. Trump ran to represent one group: the forgotten men and women of America.”

Donald Trump allegedly had "very close" contacts with Russia

According to the article, Noah added that Trump and his people will not forget you — unless you are a Russian ambassador. He then did his best Johnny Cash impression in singing “The Forgotten Man.”

As shown in a recent video on YouTube, Noah also talked about the GOP and Healthcare. He showed a video of Paul Ryan continually promising to replace Obamacare. After Noah made jokes about Paul Ryan having nightmares about Obamacare, he indicated that Ryan’s moment has finally come.

Soon, a video collage was shown in which reporters stated that under the new GOP plan, as many as 10 million Americans could lose healthcare coverage and premiums will go way up. In fact, even the New York Times wrote a highly-cited column about the issue.

“Millions of people who get private health coverage through the Affordable Care Act would be at risk of losing it under the replacement legislation proposed by House Republicans, analysts said Tuesday, with Americans in their 50s and 60s especially likely to find coverage unaffordable.”

The article adds that starting in 2020, the proposed plan would get rid of the current system of providing premium subsidies based on people’s income and the cost of insurance where they live. Instead, it would give tax credits of $2,000 to $4,000 based on age.

Trevor Noah was in disbelief that Republicans had seven years to come up with something good, and what they came up with was a disaster instead.

“That’s like waiting three hours for a pizza delivery, and when you open the box, the delivery guy has his d**k in the middle of it,” Noah said to much laugher and applause.

Noah’s jokes have been winning over viewers. According to Showbuzz Daily, Noah attracted 900,000 viewers on Thursday evening. On Wednesday, he attracted 911,000 viewers, and on Tuesday, he gathered 921,000. Trevor Noah is attracting about 200,000 more viewers each night when compared to exactly one year ago.

As Bloomberg notes, Donald Trump has inspired a new golden age of late-night comedy.

Late Night comedians love Donald Trump

“After struggling through much of his first year as host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah is scoring his best ratings since taking over for Jon Stewart in late 2015. Thank you, Mr. President.”

The article adds that Trump’s election has been a boon for comedians ready and willing to mock an administration that is hateful toward the media and the liberals who dominate the country’s media capitals. Saturday Night Live is also benefiting from Trump’s election.

Trevor Noah is loved on Twitter.

One year ago, critics said that Trevor Noah was destroying The Daily Show. His ratings may not be as high as Jon Stewart’s were during his peak at hosting the show, but they’re nothing to be upset over either. What do you think of Trevor Noah’s hosting job on The Daily Show? Let us know in the comments section.

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