Pregnant Woman Allegedly Robs, Tasers Mother 15 Times

Julie Franck has been arrested for using a stun gun to taser a woman 15 times. She then robbed the woman of her engagement ring, cash, and credit cards, reports say. Franck wore a ski mask while committing her crime. If not for the obvious reasons, Franck had a deeper motive to keep her identity a secret.

The victim was her mother.

Reports say that Franck acted with an accomplice to shoot and rob her mother. Pregnant Franck, a soon-to-be mother herself, shot her mother with a stun gun 15 times, then she and her companion stole jewels, cash, and credit cards.

The expectant mother allegedly donned a ski mask to conceal her identity, but a witness was able to tale the mask off as she and her companion were leaving the scene. Officials have not confirmed whether the accomplice, whose identity remains unknown, was arrested.

The stun gun was fired at Franck’s 55-year-old mother outside an apartment complex in Bucktown, Chicago. Franck made off with her mother’s 3,5 carat diamond engagement ring, valued at $40,000. Franck also took $200 cash. The Cook County bond court reported that credit and debit cards were also stolen.

The robbers took off in a Smart Car, but not before a witness pulled off the ski mask and revealed Franck. Franck’s mother was treated for her injuries at Resurrection St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital.

Franck was arrested on Friday. She has been charged with armed robbery. Judge Edward Harmening held Franck is custody with $300,000 bail. Authorities have not revealed any leads on the identity or arrest of her accomplice.