Shay Carl Cheating Scandal: Shaytards Family Addresses Colette Butler’s Absence

The Shay Carl cheating scandal has surfaced again, with family members of the famous YouTube family finally addressing wife Colette Butler’s absence from YouTube after her husband’s very public controversy.

The scandal erupted in early February when an Instagram model and self-professed “cam girl” named Aria Nina came forward to say that she had been in an ongoing online relationship with Shay Carl, the married father of five. Nina shared some graphic messages that Butler had sent her over the course of the relationship, even forwarding the messages to Colette Butler, Shay’s wife.

The family had remained silent for several weeks since it first erupted, but now the extended family is speaking out on their behalf to update fans. In an episode of The Mom’s View, a talk show on which Colette Butler is a regular, her sisters-in-law Carlie Wood and Kayli Butler addressed the situation.

Colette has not appeared on the show since the scandal first broke, and both family members let fans know that she needed some time away from the spotlight.

“We are missing Colette. She’s going through some things right now and doesn’t feel comfortable being here. Hopefully she will be back soon,” Kayli told Shaytards fans.

“At the end of the day family is No. 1 to us no matter what and we support whatever decision that she makes,” Carlie added. “We’re just here to support her and love her and even though she can’t be here she sends her love. When she’s ready, she’ll be back.”

This is not the only time that Colette Butler has been seen since Shay Carl’s cheating scandal broke out. As the International Business Times reported, she made a short cameo on a family member’s vlog.

“Less than three weeks after Shay admitted to suffering from an alcohol problem, and the reveal that he had been having an online relationship with cam girl Aria Nina, Colette appeared in a video on her sister-in-law’s channel WhatsUpWoods Tuesday night. In the video, Colette can be seen celebrating her father-in-law’s birthday with family and much to the delight of fans, laughing.”

It’s not clear when the video was filmed, and there were reports that it may have taken place before Shay Carl’s cheating scandal was made public.

While Colette Butler has been very quiet, Shay Carl did address fans just as the scandal broke. In a message to fans on Twitter, Shay admitted that he had fallen into alcohol addiction but did not directly address the cheating scandal.

“I have struggled with alcoholism for years,” Carl wrote on Twitter (via the Idaho State Journal). “I thought I was able to escape addiction & it’s associated demons, but that disease has manifested itself back into my life (due to my decisions) because it is a life long disease.”

“My purpose is to rehab,” he added. “It’s my only priority. I will not be on the Internet. I’m sorry if you expected more out of me. I’m sorry I’ve let you down. I’m sorry I let my family down. I’m sorry I let myself down.”

Shortly after that, Shay Carl closed out his social media accounts and headed to rehab. In the absence of both Shay Carl and Colette Butler, many rumors spread about the potential that the couple could be splitting up. There does not appear to be any substance to these rumors beyond fan speculation, however.

It’s still not clear when Colette Butler could be coming back to YouTube, or if Shay Carl might ever make a return.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]