Jax Taylor Dishes On His Drunken Hotel Fight With ‘Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall

Jax Taylor and Nick Viall were recently involved in an alcohol-fueled fight at a friend’s hotel.

According to a new report, the Vanderpump Rules star, along with the current star of The Bachelor, was asked to help a friend who was opening a hotel in Southern California and needed a couple of famous faces to help him draw a crowd. However, when it comes to working together, Taylor and Viall didn’t hit it off.

During a new interview with Bravo TV’s the Daily Dish, Jax Taylor revealed that he had been turned down after asking Viall to take a photo with him to promote the friend’s business. While Viall is reportedly a friend of the unnamed man as well, he wasn’t on board with posing for a photo with the reality star and informed Taylor that he “didn’t do social media.”

“First of all buddy, don’t toot your own horn, I have no f***ing idea who you are…you don’t do that? Bro, you’re on the f***ing Bachelor,” Jax Taylor reportedly told his fellow television personality. “You’re gonna be gone in two weeks and nobody will know who the f*** you are.”

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“Well you’re a f***ing piece of sh**, ” he allegedly continued. “Your friend brought you here as a favor to help him out, you’re gonna act like that? You’re a f***ing d-bag.”

From there, Jax Taylor and Nick Viall reportedly embarked on a full-blown debate, which they were never able to settle. Even now, Taylor explained, his bad feelings towards Viall haven’t changed.

“I just think he’s a douchebag,” Jax Taylor said. “Oh, for somebody who doesn’t really like the show and talks negatively about the show, he’s sure on it an awful lot.”

Jax Taylor has been known to get into arguments while drinking and some of those arguments have been seen on Vanderpump Rules. Most recently, the SUR Restaurant bartender got into a dispute with James Kennedy, who used to work at the restaurant and has been starring on Vanderpump Rules for the past few seasons.

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While Jax Taylor has been a bit of a wild child during past seasons of Vanderpump Rules, he has settled his playboy ways since meeting his current girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, in 2015. Although he used to be known as a cheater and player, he and Cartwright have been exclusive for nearly two years and show no signs of an impending breakup.

In fact, Taylor has discussed the possibility of marrying Cartwright in the future.

During another interview with the Daily Dish, which was conducted months ago, Jax Taylor admitted that while he was once against getting married, he is now warming up to the idea of making Cartwright his wife at some point.

“As time progresses, I’m starting to open my mind about it a little bit more because I do love her and that’s something she wants,” he explained, “and I’m willing to bring the idea back. We’ll see. I just hate divorce. I hate it. I’ve done a lot of things in my life, it’s just kind of the one box I don’t want to check off that I’ve done.”

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are rumored to be working on a new spinoff. However, Bravo TV has yet to confirm news of the potential show, which is reportedly based out of her hometown in Kentucky.

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