CW President Reflects On ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Finale And What He’ll Miss

As The Vampire Diaries prepares to take its final bow, The CW president Mark Pedowitz thanks the supernatural show because it gave the network the opportunity to redefine the genres of its programs.

“Without The Vampire Diaries, we would not be where we are today,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. Mark said that he will miss the show “tremendously” because he’s a fan who has “seen all the episodes.”

Mark Pedowitz The Vampire Diaries

When he was enlisted by the network in 2011 to be its president, Mark admitted to binge-watching two of The CW shows: The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. He was immediately captured by TVD because the show managed to become so much more than a “teenage angst show.” Not only was it about a love triangle, but also the love between two brothers who were in tough circumstances.

The CW was formed in 2006 and back then, the network focused more on teen-centric shows like Gossip Girl. When The Vampire Diaries came, it inspired the network to broaden its shows. The network is now known for being a home to various genres with the inclusion of DC Comics programs like The Flash and Supergirl.

With only an episode left, Mark talked about what he’ll miss about The Vampire Diaries.

“I’ll miss Damon. I will miss Stefan. Elena went away two years ago; it’s good to have her come back. I will personally miss Caroline Forbes and Bonnie. It’s going to be tough. I will miss all of those characters. They were fun to watch. It was fun watching them grow and play the roles. They’re all really good actors and they deserve a lot.”

He described Julie Plec as a “great partner” and hopes to work with her again.

Meanwhile, some are wondering if one of the Salvatore brothers will die after it was revealed that there’s a major death in The Vampire Diaries finale. In the penultimate episode “We’re Planning a June Wedding,” viewers witnessed the nuptials of Stefan and Caroline. With Katherine’s wrath far from over, who will suffer the most?

Salvatore brothers

If one of the Salvatore brothers will indeed kick the bucket, Ian Somerhalder might be pleased because it’s how he wanted the series to end. For the self-confessed “Team Human” member, it’s about time to leave Mystic Falls at peace. For him, the town has been ravaged enough, which makes it ultimately deserving to be left alone.

Paul Wesley talked to the Huffington Post about his last working day for the show. He joked about someone spraying “silly string directly” into his eyes by the time he finished his final scene.

I have grown up on the set of Vampire Diaries and, in many ways, it’s a beautiful thing and, in many ways, I have a relatively myopic view of things because you’re on set eight months out of the year. I’m 34 and I certainly want to be able to honor some of the artistic feelings I have in terms of my taste level.”

After being on the show for so long, he looks forward to doing films or plays that are “a little more focused on adult stories.”

When asked if the show will have a continuation, Paul said that there are “no spinoffs” and that “there’s no going back.” Julie, on the other hand, told the site that she isn’t closing the doors.

I would never say no to continuing to explore the — somebody coined the phrase for me the other day, which I love — ‘TVDU,’ ‘The Vampire Diaries Universe.’ I have no desire to exploit it, but I also know that there are plenty of opportunities for stories left to be told. That being said, I don’t have that plan right now, it’s just something that’s always living in the back of my brain as a future opportunity.”

The Vampire Diaries‘ last episode, “I Was Feeling Epic,” will air tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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