Kate Middleton Reveals Princess Charlotte Is The Boss As They Prepare For Move

Duchess Catherine, still called by many as Kate Middleton, recently joked about her daughter having an assertive streak and being “the one in charge.” According to Elle, the mother-of-two is happy that her children are growing up not only as siblings but as best friends too.

William and Kate are relocating to Kensington Palace this August to prepare for George’s schooling and possibly for Charlotte’s too. It remains unknown if she will go to a Montessori like George’s first school.

Kate Middleton daughter Charlotte

Their relocation plan comes with new security arrangements for the safety of George and Charlotte. One of the couple’s plans is to drop off the 3-year-old daily to his future school, the Wetherby Kensington School. Furthermore, the royal couple has reportedly started scouting for preschools for their daughter.

They have spent years at Anmer Hall in Norfolk where life was more relaxed because the locals gave them the opportunity to be a normal family. While they will leave their 20-bedroom country home, surely they’ll find comfort in their Kensington Palace apartment that has 21 rooms.

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Last month, Hello reported that a team of gardeners have started planting trees near the apartment in a bid to create an 820-foot long makeshift wall that would provide privacy to the brood.

Apart from concentrating on their firstborn’s schooling, William and Kate’s return to London signifies the duties they will fulfill on behalf of the Queen. While they will always consider Norfolk as their home, the two are expected to increase their work for the charities that they support.

William and Kate children

Kate recently visited several families at the Ronald McDonald House in London. She celebrated Pancake Day with the kids and when a boy named James Wheeler asked about George, Kate said that he would have brought him but “he’s at his Montessori nursery today making pancakes.”

The 4-year-old told the duchess that a storm would come. “Yes, I know all about those. George likes storms, too!” she enthused. James’ mother praised Kate to People magazine.

“You could see the sympathy in her eyes. She was so warm and down-to-earth. She seemed very kind-hearted and easy to talk to. She’s incredibly beautiful as well.”

Even if George and Charlotte have everything they could ask for, it is significant for William and Kate to ensure that their children grow up kind. When she previously appeared at the Place2Be assembly in celebration of Children’s Mental Health Week, Kate talked about how her parents taught her “kindness, respect, and honesty” at an early age.

“That is why William and I want to teach our little children, George and Charlotte, just how important these things are as they grow up. In my view it is just as important as excelling at maths or sport.”

Their upcoming move to Kensington Palace will signal George’s attendance to Wetherby School, the 1951-founded institution which William and Harry have also attended. Wetherby’s tuition fee at £6,865 per term is not the steepest in London, but the application process is easier said than done.

One parent previously shared the competitive process to the Daily Beast. She revealed that getting in to the prestigious school is “impossible” if the parents won’t drop names.

“They ask you, ‘Where did you hear of us?’ You have to drop some names. They want to know who you know. If you tell them you looked up the number on the website, you might as well just chuck the application form in the bin.”

Children whose fathers have attended the school do not need to worry because they automatically earn the privilege of going to Wetherby.

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