John Travolta Dances With Lady Gaga, Flubs Adele Dazeem Joke, Talks Philanthropy

John Travolta and Lady Gaga danced the night away at the Grammys after-party, according to People magazine. Travolta may have been married to actress Kelly Preston since 1991, but he gave his wife a reason or two to be jealous.

John Travolta and Lady Gaga would have sparked romance rumors after their wild dance at the Grammys after-party, expect the "Million Reasons" singer showed up at the bash with her new boyfriend, agent Christian Carino.

After John Travolta and Gaga – looking hot in an all-leather mini-dress – hit the dance floor together to show off their impressive moves, the "Bad Romance" singer left Travolta alone and went cuddling at the bar with her new boyfriend.

According to insiders, Gaga and Carino treated guests at the Sunday night Grammy Awards after-party to their passionate PDA session.

While the "Poker Face" hitmaker was busy getting cozy with Carino, John Travolta – dressed in a sleek black tux – had to talk to reporters to explain the joke he had made when introducing Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban during the Grammys ceremony, according to TMZ.

It's always awkward when someone has to explain their joke to people who simply didn't get it. This was the case with John Travolta, who made a funny reference to his Adele Dazeem blunder from three years ago. The problem was that it confused people.

While Internet users will most likely never forget John Travolta's Oscars 2014 blunder, when he mispronounced Tony Award-winning Idina Menzel's name as Adele Dazeem, apparently not all music and film stars remember the Grease actor's Oscars flub.

Perhaps people better remember his appearance at the Oscars the following year, when he kissed an incredibly unimpressed Scarlett Johansson.

Or the time he grabbed the real Idina Menzel by the face and wouldn't let her go.When John Travolta took the stage this year to introduce Underwood and Urban, he pretended he couldn't read the teleprompter.
"For sure I'm not going to be able to read that prompter, but I'm excited to be here."
After distracting the audience's attention for a few minutes – in an attempt to buy some time for Grammy technicians to make the teleprompter's text appear bigger – John Travolta suddenly remembered that he had a card with the performers' names in his pocket.

But, well, John Travolta's Adele Dazeem reference only drew a handful of awkward laughs from the Grammy 2017 audience – far less than the Pulp Fiction actor had probably hoped for.

In other news, in his recent interview with Entrepreneur, John Travolta opened up about his philanthropy efforts and said that he knows where every cent he has ever spent has gone.

John Travolta, who recently attended the City Gala, an Entrepreneur-sponsored event, attributes his financial prosperity to being persistent and fiscally responsible. While John Travolta admitted that he's not the gambler type, the 63-year-old actor said that his inability to take risks is his both "personal vulnerability" and "strength."

"I work hard for my money; I don't like to waste it, and I don't like to lose it. I am not a very good example of clever business ventures."
John Travolta, whose net worth is estimated at about $160 million, calls himself a "good example of conservative ones." The actor admitted that there is something in his DNA that prevents him from taking risks.

But that could be an arguably good quality because John Travolta confessed that he knows where every cent he has ever spent has gone.

"It's hard when you're not risking things, but that's the way I like it."
When asked to reveal what inspired him to go into philanthropy, John Travolta said it was Hurricane Katrina. That's when the actor thought it would be a good idea to help people. And to this day, Travolta says it has always been "a natural feeling" helping others.

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