Melania Trump Sex Life With Donald Trump Exposed In Resurfaced Interview

Melania Trump was exposed in a resurfaced interview talking about her sex life with President Donald Trump to Howard Stern.

Just as Melania Trump’s approval ratings start to climb, an old interview from the late nineties resurfaced. The First Lady of The United States was talking to radio host Howard Stern about her sex life with Donald Trump.

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For those who did not know, Donald Trump ran for president back in 1999. Trump went on the radio with his friend Howard Stern. The two men get to talking, and Stern brings up Trump’s then-girlfriend, Melania.

Donald Trump mentioned that she was around and told Howard Stern to call her.

Melania got on the phone and spoke with Stern over the radio.

Stern showered Melania with compliments before asking some extremely misogynistic questions.

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Howard Stern told her to “put on your hottest outfit” and come out with him and Donald Trump.

The radio host then asks Melania what she is wearing, to which she replied, “Not much.”

Stern asked Melania if she was “nude” and she answered, “Almost.”

Donald Trump was sitting right beside Stern when he asked over the air if Melania had sex with Donald every night.

“Even more.”

Melania added that the two have a “great, great time” together.

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At one point during the radio interview, Howard Stern asked Donald if he could have sex with his girlfriend on the radio to increase his ratings.

Trump replied, “Wouldn’t that be nice.”

When the radio interview was originally revealed last fall during Trump’s campaign, Melania shrugged it off as “boy talk.”

Meanwhile, nowadays, Melania Trump is the poised, sophisticated First Lady of the United States. Recently, her approval ratings have skyrocketed, climbing 16 points since Donald was sworn in as president, according to CNN.

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A new poll survey from CNN/ORC revealed that 52 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the First Lady. Prior to his presidency, Melania Trump had a 36 percent approval rating.

The poll results fell along party lines. Eighty-six percent of Republicans viewed the First Lady favorable, while just 22 percent of Democrats said the same.

Donald Trump’s approval rating is at 43 percent, according to a Gallup poll.

According to i24 News, Melania Trump is the “first, third wife to take up residence in the White House.”

The couple got married in 2005, and coincidentally enough, Hillary and Bill Clinton attended their wedding, according to GQ.

Melania Trump is also the first First Lady to be born in a communist nation and only then second to be born abroad. John Quincy Adams wife, Louisa, was born in England.

To top it all off, Melania is the only First Lady of the United States to have ever posed nude.

The former model posed for a French men’s magazine in the nineties, laying naked on a bed with Scandinavian model Emma Eriksson.


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The First Lady also became an online meme after footage from Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration showed Melania smiling at Donald and frowning immediately when he turned away.

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