‘The Wrong Student’ Lifetime Movie: High School Soccer Coach Has Teen Stalker

The Wrong Student is a thrilling new movie, starring Vivica A. Fox, that will air on the Lifetime Channel this weekend. For the last several weeks, Lifetime has released a slew of deadly movies.

The Wrong Student, which was directed by David DeCoteau, won’t disappoint. The thriller was written by Jeffrey Schenck, Peter Sullivan, and Matthew Jason Walsh. The Wrong Student is about a teen’s obsession with the new high school soccer coach. In addition to Vivica A. Fox, it stars Jessica Morris as Kelly, Jason-Shane Scott as Dominic, William McNamara as Detective Andrade, Kennedy Tucker as Amber, and Evanne Friedmann as Maddie, according to a press highlight from A&E.

The Wrong Student On Lifetime Television: First Glance

When Kelly Halligan gets the idea to start a new business, she leaves her New York town and heads to California, where she believes it will take off. With her 17-year-old niece in tow, Kelly enrolls her into the local high school and signs her up for the girls soccer team. It is then that they meet Dominic, a hunky, handsome soccer player-turned-coach. His chiseled body and stunning good looks make him the object of affection for Maddie, a beautiful high school girl who is also on the soccer team. But trouble is on the horizon since Maddie is madly in love with her coach. She watches him, follows him around campus and then shows up in the locker room in her birthday suit to entice the teacher into a forbidden affair. But when he turns down her advances and she learns that he is dating Kelly Halligan, Maddie is determined to get revenge.

For Kelly Halligan, everything starts going wrong. She then realizes that someone is sabotaging her at every turn. At the same time, Dominic also notices that his life is falling apart. First, his car is vandalized. Then, Maddie starts showing up unannounced at every turn.

What he doesn’t know is that this is more than just an innocent teen crush. Maddie has the diabolical mind of a sophisticated killer who is ready to attack to get what she wants.

And as Maddie lines her bedroom walls with her teacher’s pictures, she prepares to set Kelly and Dominic up for a great fall.

Actress Jessica Morris (via IMDB)

“Jessica was raised in Florida; where she began doing local theatre and dancing competitively, while modeling internationally. Jessica relocated to New York where she portrayed Jen on ABC’s ‘One Life to Live’ for 5 years. Back in Los Angeles, she has been doing guest-star appearances on television and starring in numerous independent films. Best known for her provocative role in Universal’s ‘Role Models’. Jessica loves cooking, practicing yoga, hiking, and has just discovered her passion for writing.”

Actor Jason Shane Scott (via IMDB)

“Jason’s mother wanted to name him Jason but his father had adamantly always dreamed his son being named Shane after the classic film of the same name. The made for television thrillers The Wrong Roommate and Accidental Switch, along with the military action film, Sniper: Special Ops. Jason-Shane has etched out quite a lasting career in the TV and film industry and is recognized as a capable and reliable true leading man as he has matched skills on screen with over a dozen Academy, Golden Globe, and Emmy-nominated or winning fellow actors while continuing to add to his credits.”

The Wrong Student on Lifetime is produced by Hybrid Production Company with Barry Barnholtz executive producing, along with David DeCoteau and Jeffrey Schenck. Produced in the United States, the television premiere of Lifetime’s The Wrong Student airs this Saturday, March 11, at 8/7 p.m. Central. Be sure to also look out for an airing of another Lifetime movie, titled A Deadly Affair.

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