Chris Brown’s Feud With Soulja Boy Ends In Mudslinging But No Boxing Match

Chris Brown has chickened out on a much-hyped boxing match against Soulja Boy – or at least that’s what the latter thinks of his nemesis while he called him a “b*tch,” according to XXL Mag.

Chris Brown made headlines when he announced withdrawing from the boxing match against Soulja Boy, blaming “the homies” who have gotten in the way and tried to get “a piece of the pie.”

Shortly after the fight was announced by the two rappers, 50 Cent said that he would bet $100,000 on Chris Brown and $100,000 on Soulja Boy. But now 50 Cent will have to spend that $200,000 on something more useful – such as settling his legal battles.

If there was anyone happy to hear about Chris Brown’s withdrawal from the boxing fight, then it was probably Soulja Boy himself. Looking all smiles and glowing with excitement, Soulja Boy posted an Instagram video in response to the news.

“I’m pretty sure as y’all know by now, this n**** backed out the fight like a b*tch, like I knew he was.”

Soulja Boy went on to make fun of Chris Brown, who now faces a restraining order against his ex, Karrueche Tran. Tran became the reason why the two rappers wanted to fight one another.

Earlier this year, Chris Brown got very upset when Soulja Boy liked one of Tran’s Instagram pics, which resulted in trash talk between the two rappers and their subsequent plans to destroy one another in the boxing ring.

Chris Brown’s withdrawal from the boxing fight with Soulja Boy came on the same day Tran filed a restraining order against the “Party” singer, which orders him to stay 100 yards away from his ex and not attempt to contact her, according to the Toronto Star.

Soulja Boy addressed the restraining order as well, and called it another “L” for Chris Brown.

“This n**** want to fight me over this girl and she just put a restraining order on this n****. He can’t be [within] 100 feet of this girl. Chris, take this L, n****.”

Tran has accused Chris Brown of punching her in the stomach as well as pushing her down stairs back when they were in a relationship a few years ago. In her court filings, Tran alleged that the “Loyal” singer had repeatedly threatened to kill her since December.

While everybody seemed excited about the Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy boxing match – even Floyd Mayweather’s promotions company released a promo photo for the fight – the latter revealed on Twitter that Brown wouldn’t sign a contract.

Soulja Boy suggested that Chris Brown may have heard about him “catching two fades in the streets” recently and winning both fights, and “got scared.” But many suggest that Brown’s cancellation of the fight could have something to do with Tran’s restraining order.

The restraining order also states that Chris Brown must surrender all of his firearms until the March 9 hearing. The restraining order is still in place after yesterday’s hearing, according to the Australian, but it is as yet unclear if Brown will have access to his firearms again.

Chris Brown and Tran had an on-again, off-again relationship since 2010, less than a year after Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault for an attack on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Chris Brown’s probation ended in 2015 after the “Loyal” singer got into a fight with a man outside a hotel and had a few stints in rehab. Last September, Brown finished court-ordered domestic-violence classes and anger management counseling.

According to a facility that treated Chris Brown in 2014, the singer underwent treatments for bipolar disorder as well as past substance abuse. After Chris Brown was sentenced to six months of community labor in 2009 following his assault against Rihanna, he became a public pariah, while the music industry turned away from him.

Chris Brown clawed his way back into the music industry in 2012, when his album F.A.M.E won a Grammy Award.

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