Kidz Bop U.S. Tour Starts In April, Taking Over U.K. Charts

Kidz Bop are finally going on tour, according to People magazine. The kids are set to visit more than 50 cities across the United States on the tour, which kicks off in April.

Live Nation Entertainment announced last month that the Kidz Bop kids, who perform contemporary popular songs, are going on a U.S. tour. Kidz Bop, which is currently comprised of 12-year-old Ahnya, 12-year-old Freddy, 12-year-old Julianna, 10-year-old Isaiah, 12-year-old Sierra, and 13-year-old Cooper, will treat their fans across America to songs from their Kidz Bop 34 album, which was released in January.

Announcing the Best Time Ever tour, Kidz Bop member Freddy told People magazine that he “can’t wait” to meet the fans. Apart from singing their album hits, Kidz Bop are also set to present their brand new songs and show off new dance moves.

In a statement announcing the April tour, the President of Kidz Bop, Victor Zaraya, promised that the tour will be their “biggest show yet.”

“We’re excited to travel the country again in 2017, and continue to bring our annual tour to the hometowns of families who listen to our music every day.”

Zaraya also said Kidz Bop fans can expect “many fun surprises” during the tour. Kidz Bop is a brand franchise that has sold more than 17 million albums since 2001. The kids who represent the franchise are chosen through talent competitions every year.

But going on a U.S. tour is not the only exciting announcement from Kidz Bop recently. According to Digital Music News, the kids are also going to take over the U.K. charts soon.

Earlier this month, Kidz Bop signed a label contract with Universal Music On Demand (UMOD), which will help the franchise break into the U.K. music charts. In fact, the first Kidz Bop album will get its U.K. release on March 31, while a second release is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2017.

The U.K. has been preparing to bring the Kidz Bop phenomenon into the nation for months. Talent competitions to choose the right kids have recently concluded after nine months. As a result, four singers aged 11- and 12-years-old were chosen.

Kidz Bop kids are no strangers to topping the Billboard U.S. Kids charts. In fact, to this day, the franchise has sold more than 17 million albums, with Kidz Bop selling 818,000 copies in the U.S. last year alone.

In fact, the Kidz Bop phenomenon is so impressive and successful that their albums have beat out such music stars as Justin Bieber, Rihanna and even The Weeknd, who sold 642,000, 745,000 and 757,000 copies respectively in 2016.

The U.K. has become Kidz Bop’s “first territory for international expansion,” according to Zaraya. The President of the franchise added that the U.K. deserves the honor for its “preeminent place in pop music.”

“Our strategic partners have been instrumental in helping us navigate the UK market and develop a distinct voice for the brand that will appeal to young British fans.”

Kidz Bop’s recent album, Kidz Bop 34, has become a huge hit in the U.S. The album features the kids’ covers of some of the most popular songs and Billboard chart toppers such as Sia’s “The Greatest,” DJ Snake and Bieber’s “Let Me Love You,” Bruno Mars’s “24K Magic,” and many other contemporary hits.

Over the years of their existence, Kidz Bop have had 49 entries on the Billboard 200 chart, and 24 of their albums have made it into the top 10.

Kidz Bop debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 chart last month with more than 17,000 units. Their Best Time Ever tour kicks off on April 28 in Winter Haven, Florida.

[Featured Image by Taylor Hill/Getty Images]