Giraffe Cam New York: Latest Update On April Includes Kicking Calf [Video]

The giraffe cam at New York’s Animal Adventure Park is one of the most watched live feeds on the internet these days. Millions of people have been tuning in to keep an eye on April the giraffe who is pregnant with her fourth calf. The zoo has been keeping viewers up to date on April’s status and has been posting an update to their Facebook page each morning.

Without a known due date, however, zoo personnel are patiently waiting for April to go into labor with just about everyone else in the world!

As extremely cold temperatures have moved into the New York area, April and the other animals at the zoo are being kept inside. This is actually what April would prefer, however, as she has remained in her stall for several days despite being given the option to venture outside. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the change in weather could cause April to go into labor sooner. Will her calf be born this weekend?!

The giraffe cam at the New York zoo has allowed people all over the world to keep an eye on April and will allow several hundred people (if not more) to watch the miracle of birth — live. Meanwhile, April the giraffe has been doing her own thing. She has been eating, napping, checking out her mate, Oliver, over in the next stall, and even getting up close and personal with the camera, giving folks a great view.

Quite a few people have been lucky enough to see April’s stomach move and many have been on the edge’s of their seats waiting for her calf to make an appearance. Since giraffes give birth standing up and don’t need much sleep (the zoo tells us that they only need 10 minutes to 2 hours of sleep per day!), she really could give birth at any moment.

Animal Adventure Park workers are waiting patiently for the exciting moment when April’s offspring is ready to make an appearance. According to their Facebook page, April is showing signs that she is just about ready to go into labor!

“The Animal Adventure Park’s morning update for March 10 included photos of April’s belly — zoo staffers were able to feel the calf kicking! The keeper team was elated this morning to have captured the calf kicking out! Though hard to see in the pictures; baby ‘waved’ hello this early A.M. April continues to have us all on edge; when will it be – we just don’t know! All physical signs show we are ready for ‘launch sequence.’ So, we continue to patiently wait. Extreme cold and even snow has moved in; so our pair will remain inside today but enjoy their extra enrichment and attention.”

As the giraffe cam in New York remains on, the live feed (below) continues to bring in viewers, and has brought people together from all over the globe. For this reason, many believe that April’s calf should be named “Unity.” This makes sense as this giraffe cam has “unified” thousands of viewers each day since it went live.

As far as what the new baby giraffe will be named, the zoo has said that they will seek suggestions from the public. A poll will likely be conducted at a later date and then the new calf will be given a name based on the poll results.

Do you have any name suggestions? When do you think that April the giraffe will give birth?

[Featured Image by ktoshka/Shutterstock]