Nicole Kidman Talks Sex With Keith Urban Vs. Scenes With Skarsgard — Kind Of

Nicole Kidman is no stranger to filming romantic bedroom scenes seeing as her career has spanned decades and has meant the beauty has played the leading lady and love interest on numerous occasions. Yet, despite being a veteran in the business, she still becomes a bit embarrassed discussing such scenes.

In a recent interview, Kidman was asked to take the discussion one step further and compare her steamy onscreen sex scenes with Alexander Skarsgard to her real-life encounters with her country star hubby, Keith Urban.

Kidman stopped by the KISS FM Kyle and Jackie O Show, where the 49-year-old, who currently stars in the HBO series Big Little Lies, was asked about her steamy scenes with Skarsgard and how they compare to the more “gentle” style Keith Urban has with her.

Yahoo News revealed the interaction initiated by Kyle Sandilands.

“‘What was the feedback from your husband Keith Urban during the grinding graphic sex scenes with you and that other clown?’ shock jock Kyle Sandilands asked.

‘Now no one wants to see their woman with Skarsgard let me tell you that.’

Nicole responded, ‘You are so provocative Kyle!’

When Kyle prompted for a more elaborate response, the actress obliged: ‘He gets that it’s work.'”

Kidman then went on to explain that Urban became protective of her as the filming for the series went on because she would return home a bit bruised due to the intense scenes.

“When I would come home after shooting it, he was pretty shaken, because it was really tough doing the role and I would get really bruised and battered particularly as it goes along so he was actually emotionally protective.”

Urban and Kidman have certainly made their mark as one of the most adored A-list couples in Hollywood. The two rival Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton for the need to gush over one another during interviews, and it’s even more impressive that Nicole and Keith have remained so in love for 10 years and counting.

Radio host Kyle was not satisfied leaving the discussions about Kidman and Urban’s bedroom behavior there so he pried a little more, boldly asking”Did he ever ask you, ‘Hey is there any part of you that wants me to make love to you like Skarsgard does without the violence?'”

Kidman wasn’t having it, however, and made it clear she was not going to carry on with the subject any further, stating, “Stop, moving on.”

Nicole Kidman stars alongside Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, and Alexander Skarsgard in the new series. She has experienced great success, as would be expected, so far this year due to starring in the Academy-Award-nominated film Lion.

Unfortunately, along with the success also comes rumors, and Kidman was the subject of divorce rumors around the time that Lion first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Both Urban and Kidman have stamped out such claims and proven that they are stronger than ever.

Most recently, a rumor swirled that co-star Witherspoon was annoyed with Kidman for promoting her film Lion more than Big Little Lies. This was another absurd claim seeing as Nicole is executive producer of the series and is intent on it being a success. Gossip Cop confirmed that this rumor was a total fabrication.

In addition to her onscreen successes this year, Kidman has been named Neutrogena’s new face for the brand’s ad campaigns, and the beauty was sure to share about how she has managed to maintain such a youthful appeal. A clip of Kidman in the campaign shows the actress talking about the need to select appropriate skincare products as she ages.

People notes Kidman’s words.

“‘I think when you’re really young, there’s cleanser and moisturizer, that’s it,’ Kidman says in a behind-the-scenes clip teasing her upcoming commercial, which will be revealed during the Academy Awards on February 25. ‘For me now, obviously, I’m of course looking to keep my skin as young as it can be. I mean, we all are, I think. So, I’m looking for products that can help that.'”

[Feature Image by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images]